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fabrizio bartoli's List: class management

  • Jul 19, 13

    Schoology is not your typical LMS. We have redefined the learning management system to make online education a collective effort between everyone involved in a student's education.
    Google Integration

    Schoology integrates with Google Apps for Education, allowing instructors and students to access their Google Documents and Calendars from within Schoology. Students can submit assignments directly from Google Docs. Instructors are able to import files directly from Google Docs into their Schoology Resource Area and directly into a desired course.

    With an easy-to-use collaborative interface, Schoology empowers engaging instruction and system-wide collaboration to enhance the overall impact of everyone involved.

  • Jul 16, 13

    "Getting students to pay attention, let alone actually learn something, is a challenge. It takes grit, determination, creativity, and a close eye. Teachers, in-classroom parents, assistants, and administrators need to be as up to speed as possible in order to be effective. When it comes to effective classroom management, there are a couple dozen things you should know."

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