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Mr. DiGi's List: MSSQL Novinky

  • MSSQL 2005

    Co je nového...

    • SQL Management Objects

      SQL Management Objects (SMO) is a new set of programming objects that exposes all of the management functionality of the SQL Server database. In fact, Management Studio was built with SQL Management Objects. SMO is implemented as a Microsoft .NET Framework assembly.

    • Availability

      Investments in high-availability technologies, additional backup and restore capabilities, and replication enhancements enable enterprises to build and deploy highly available applications. Innovative high-availability features such as database mirroring, failover clustering, database snapshots, and enhanced online operations will minimize downtime and help to ensure that critical enterprise systems remain accessible.

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    • Dopytovanie v tabuľkách je podstatne výkonnejšie na systémoch od 8 procesorov – dopyty sa vykonávajú paralelne cez rôzne partície. Redukuje sa tým čas procesora.
    • ROW_NUMBER () OVER ( [ <partition_by_clause> ] <order_by_clause> )
    • Ošetrenie chýb pomocou konštrukcie TRY CATCH

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    • Princíp integrácie CLR vrstvy
    • public class ContactCode  {  [SqlProcedure(Name="GetContactNames")]  public static void GetContactNames()  {  SqlCommand cmd = SqlContext.GetCommand();  cmd.CommandText = "SELECT FirstName + ' ' + LastName" +   " AS [Name] FROM Person.Contact";  SqlDataReader rdr = cmd.ExecuteReader();  SqlPipe sp = SqlContext.GetPipe();  sp.Send(rdr);  } }
  • MSSQL 2008

    Souhrn novinek a vylepšení

    • Enhanced Database Mirroring

      SQL Server 2008 builds on SQL Server 2005 by providing a more reliable platform that has enhanced database mirroring, including automatic page repair, improved performance, and enhanced supportability.

    • Automatic Recovery of Data Pages

      SQL Server 2008 enables the principal and mirror machines to transparently recover from 823/824 types of data page errors by requesting a fresh copy of the suspect page from the mirroring partner transparently to end users and applications.

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    • SQL 2000 Support Ends


      Mainstream Support for SQL 2000 is coming to an end.

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    • Encryption


      There are several encryption options; the first is called Transparent Data Encryption. In SQL Server 2008, the entire database can be encrypted by the SQL Engine.

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    • Dynamic Development


      SQL 2008 leverages the new Dot Net Framework 3.0 with LINQ (Language Integrated Query). In addition, there is more efficient support for Business Data Entities along with data synchronization options. Also, there are new ADO and Visual Studio development options.

    • LINQ


      LINQ provides a standard development syntax for accessing data, regardless of where the data resides. For example, the same syntax can access either SQL Server or XML data. LINQ is used rather than TSQL inside the application language, such as C# or VB.

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    • Users will notice a completely overhauled reporting engine and greatly improved OLAP performance. This should allow more users to run OLAP queries, or enable existing OLAP users to run more complex queries than are currently possible.
    • Another groundbreaking addition is SQL 2008’s FileStream data type. These records can contain arbitrary data — such as text, sound or video — and can be searched using normal database commands. The difference is that FileStream records are stored on the local NTFS filesystem, which means they can contain much more data than a normal SQL record, and performance can be better too.

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    • WITH SalesCTE(ProductID, SalesOrderID) AS  (  SELECT ProductID, COUNT(SalesOrderID)   FROM Sales.SalesOrderDetail   GROUP BY ProductID ) SELECT *   FROM SalesCTE  WHERE SalesOrderID > 50
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