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Cynthia Fernald's List: Social Media

    • If you don’t want to worry about friends tagging you in unflattering photographs that then appear on your page, adjust your settings. Go to Settings, and then select Timeline and Tagging. For “Who can add things to my timeline?” you can set it so that only you can post to your timeline. You can also require that you review all posts you’re tagged in.
    • pull down the arrow on the right side of the post and click “Unfollow.” Your former roommate won’t be notified that his posts no longer appear in your feed.

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  • Aug 11, 09

    How to get fired via Facebook.

    • professors are delving into how these tools can be applied to enrich the craft of reporting and producing the news and ultimately telling the story in the best possible way.
    • Social media tools are bringing readers to news sites and in many cases are increasing their Web-traffic.

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    • When it comes to listening to music on iPods, blogging, downloading podcasts, joining Facebook, and using Twitter, the over-35 crowd is adopting everything from social media to consumer electronics at a faster rate than their Generation Y (ages 18 to 24) counterparts.
    • "Baby boomers are embracing

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      popular consumer technology applications nearly 20 times faster than the younger generation."

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  • Mar 05, 09

    "The Great Depression of the 1930s was documented with black-and-white photographs of migrant workers and film reels of bread lines. In this economic crisis, the iconic media coverage could be the furious postings occurring in the blogosphere."

    • We are in the worst economic downturn of the Internet age, and bloggers are making the most of it.
    • The Great Depression of the 1930s was documented with black-and-white photographs of migrant workers and film reels of bread lines. In this economic crisis, the iconic media coverage could be the furious postings occurring in the blogosphere.

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    • a survey of leadership conferences from Weber Shandwick shows that there is a significant increase in blogging and twittering at conferences.
    • My “take-away content” from the backchannel equalled or surpassed what I got from presentations directly.

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  • Feb 24, 09

    Twitter search tool & dashboard

    • As a blogger or journalist using Twitter, aggregator sites are priceless for finding news items early in their upward trend towards becoming buzz.
    • historic pages so you can go back to any particular date at 5 minute intervals to see what tweetmeme looked like in the past.

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    • deciding when to follow or not follow is not only a personal decision, but one which is driving a growing debate in the Blogosphere.
    • deciding whether or not to follow someone is a vexing question for both new and veteran Tweeters alike.

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    • Social networks are starting to feel like Direct Mail spam.
    • I know why we marketers do this; we see a new channel and we just can't resist putting it through it's paces and since social networks provide potential access to attractive target audiences we'll keep doing it.
  • Feb 15, 09

    I am mostly #4, the contented tweeter -- using Twitter to keep up with some friends, colleagues and acquaintances, some topics and issues. I sometimes link to one of my own blog posts or photos (a la #2), but I'm not a big self-promoter.

    • The malcontent uses Twitter to moan on a variety of topics
    • This person only knows one topic and one topic alone; social media

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    • Then one day, I saw Twitter in action.

      I was serving on a grant proposal committee, and I watched as a fellow judge asked his Twitter followers if a certain project had been tried before. In 15 seconds, his followers replied with Web links to the information he needed. No e-mail message, phone call or Web site could have achieved the same effect.

    • Twitter, in other words, is precisely what you want it to be. It can be a business tool, a teenage time-killer, a research assistant, a news source — whatever. There are no rules, or at least none that apply equally well to everyone.

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    • Women over 55, up 175.3% in the last 120 days
    • 45% of Facebook’s US audience is now 26 years old or older

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    • The number of US women over age 55 using Facebook grew by 175.3% since September 2008, making mature females one of the fastest growing demographic groups on the social network
    • Facebook use among women is growing faster than among men in nearly every age group.
      • This video goes over:

        • Why I use Twitter for reporting
        • The importance of a good profile
        • The value of
        • Desktop clients like TweetDeck
        • How to get an RSS feed of a search term
    • Twitter is a great place to meet potential sources. The more public and accessible a person is, the more likely a potential source is to volunteer information. Dave Levinthal of The Dallas Morning New said this about beat blogging and social media, “all the sudden you’re a conduit for information and tips.” You do want information and tips, don’t you?
    • #hashtags are a good warning that something bigger is going on. Twitter can help you think about new topics and get mental juices flowing while you discuss and debate topics in real time. 

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