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Cole Camplese's List: SBU CDT450

    • recalled one day during midterm exams when she saw a couple of students sit down at a cluster of couches, pull a marker board over and begin working their way through a math problem together. Shortly after beginning, they texted a couple more classmates, who joined their discussion a few minutes later.
    • "We saw that constantly in students' snippets," Doshi said. "They'd take a picture of a study area and say they were looking for an empty table. But when you look at the pictures, there were four-person tables and only one person sitting at them."

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    • academic hub for all undergraduate students
    • It has dozens and dozens of classrooms that can accommodate classes as large as 330 students and as few as a handful, most equipped for distance learning as well.

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  • Nov 23, 14

    How to post content to the class blog via email.

    • Teachers
    • Teachers can create one email address for their class and give it to all of their students to use to publish to a class blog.


      Just ask your students to add their username or some other way of identifying themselves at the beginning or end of the email.

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  • Aug 29, 14

    Alan Levine's StoryBox.

  • Aug 29, 14

    Overview and how to on building a PirateBox.

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