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Arknath's Public Lists

  • Freelance Advice (6)

    This list contains a bunch of advice I've found on being a freelancer that I found useful. These come from various sources and might help you get more jobs as a freelancer.

    Created: May 02, 10 Modified: May 25, 10

  • Freelance Design Job Sites (1)

    This is a list for web design freelance jobs.

    Created: May 22, 10 Modified: May 22, 10

  • Freelance Developer Job Sites (4)

    This is a list of websites that I have found for freelancing and working at home. I have not tried them all yet but here they are. Your mileage may vary.

    Created: May 02, 10 Modified: May 22, 10

  • Freelance non-web Job Sites (1)

    This list is for jobs that are not specifically related to web design and/or development

    Created: May 22, 10 Modified: May 22, 10

  • Healthy Deals (11)

    For changes suggested to the Healthy Deals website

    Created: Jun 22, 11 Modified: Jun 23, 11

  • Job Web Sites (4)

    This is a list of the sites that I check when I'm looking for a job. Definitely handy thing to have when you want work and quickly

    Created: May 05, 10 Modified: May 11, 10

  • Joomla Reference Sites (9)

    This list is for those of you whom want to learn Joomla with free tutorials or those of you who already know Joomla through experience.

    Created: May 04, 10 Modified: Aug 16, 10

  • Magento Sites (57)

    This is a list of articles and references for the Magento e-commerce application

    Created: Jun 23, 10 Modified: Jan 25, 11

  • MediaWiki References (3)

    This list holds all links regarding MediaWiki use and administration.

    Created: May 08, 10 Modified: May 08, 10

  • Sean's Car Choices (1)

    A list of bookmarks that Sean's car could be.

    Created: May 23, 10 Modified: May 23, 10

  • Usability and Design (1)

    This list bookmarks interesting articles on user interaction and user-based design concepts. This is not restricted to coding practices but more abstract issues like customer interaction during shopping or performing web 2.0 actions.

    Created: Oct 11, 10 Modified: Oct 11, 10

  • Web Site Startup Toolkit (1)

    This list of links will help anyone who is planning to build or setup a website on their own by listing some key steps in the initial planning phase.

    Created: Jun 04, 10 Modified: Jun 07, 10

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