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Apple Ling's List: Courting/Seduction

  • May 29, 13

    *OMG! Uber cuteness!! ♥♥♥♥♥
    8th year AU (Draco is a Spy for the Order of the Phoenix and Lucius and Narcissa dies). Told from Draco's pov - Draco-centric narrative. Basically, Draco is head-over-heels smitten with Harry (and every part of Harry's limbs) but is much too shy/confused about his feelings/libido to tell Harry. When Harry finds out Draco has a huge 'thing' for him, well... Harry keeps ambushing Draco all over the castle to kiss, grope and enjoy Draco's moans, squeaks, yelps, yips and all kinds happy noise :p Also, it's cute how Draco works through his sexuality crisis with endless babbling inner monologues about Harry (and parts of Harry's body)
    #The lengthy, graphic penetration sex scene is bottom!Draco and a brief description of Bottom!Harry (bottoming from the top) right at the bottom (and right after the bottom!Draco part)

    Summary: Draco worries about his libido. Harry takes it all in stride.

  • Jun 17, 13

    *Rather OOC but it fits the story. Basically, on the night Harry, Ron and Hermione were grabbed by Snatchers and brought to Malfoy Manor, Draco decides to help them discretely... and also managed to get himself bedded by Harry (and subsequently falls pregnant). Voldie, Lucius and Narcissa thinks Draco's unborn child is fathered by Voldie. Draco plays along... and in the mean time, the war is in full swing and Draco tries to help Harry's side of the war as much as he can, discretely. Blaise as Draco's best friend. Also, Draco is very hormonal while pregnant ;p

    Summary: When Draco sees Harry captured and taken to Malfoy Manor his feelings change. He is frightened and takes solace in the arms of the one person nobody would ever suspect. Draco hides the pregnancy from everyone who could use it against either Harry or himself. How does Harry find out…? What happens after that...?

  • Jun 15, 13

    *Cute! ♥♥♥♥♥
    Tee hee! 8th year. Harry crushes on Draco and uses the Giant Squid to get Draco's attention! OMG! This is beyond cute! A teensy little bit of dub-con-ish moments when Draco got fondled by the Squid. Also, swimming lessons at Hogwarts and the boys in skimpy bathing trunks! Also featuring Blaise and Pansy as Draco's protective best friends :p

    Summary: Draco has a stalker, or is it a secret admirer? What does Potter have to do with it?

  • May 24, 13

    *(Muggle)Banker!Harry who is very good at his job (and has pretty much left the wizarding world behind. His only connection to his wizard past is (Manly epitome of Hotness!)Ron and Hedwig. Draco is a wandmaker (he took over Ollivander's shop and he puts gemstones and other shiny minerals into his wands) and he also writes a column in The Daily Prophet.
    Basically Harry broke his wand and is forced to go back to the wizarding world he left behind to get his wand fixed. Wandmaker!Draco thinks he can help Harry.
    Featuring a nice Aunt Petunia, smart!professional!confident!Harry, casual!easy-going!quirky!Draco, Draco being shorter than Harry (cute!), minor character death (not Harry or Draco), Harry having problems controlling his magic (that, and he gets magic-sick - a bit like motion sickness, only Harry feels ill in magical environments), Greg Goyle (Draco's best friend) owns a restaurant, H/D working together to create a compatible wand for Harry, looking and trying out gemstone compatibility, cute H/D flirty moments #Switching!fic definitely but it's only 1 bottom!Harry scene and 1 bottom!Draco scene.

    Summary: Harry wasn't at school any more, nor was he fifteen. He was a successful merchant banker with a flat to die for and an owl who loved him. And he wasn't going to get into a pissing match with a stick-fiddler who'd always driven him mental.

  • Jun 12, 13

    *Tee hee! Absolutely hilarious! 8th year. Exactly what the summary says :p
    Pairings included: Harry/Draco, Hermione/Ron (Hermione/Book), Ginny/Luna, surprise cameo for the Giant Squid + Bane (Centaur)... other surprise pairings. Featuring a snarky!Cupid and other cute silliness

    Summary: After thousands of years, you'd think the God of Love would have learnt by now not to insult his mother. The punishment? Temporary exile in a castle full of teenagers. Because Aphrodite is evil

  • May 23, 13

    *International liaison officer (between different wizarding ministries)!Harry. Social worker!Draco (working for the New York State office of children and family services)
    #Story setting in New York (mostly). Basically, Harry bumps into a Cute!Domestic!Single father!Draco with two adorable sons (one, a hyper chatterbox and the other, small and quiet), was charmed off his feet by Draco's boys and Draco himself, decided to woo Draco. Featuring Lucius and Narcissa as parents who genuinely love Draco and misses him terribly when he "disappeared" post-war, Draco with a new baby brother, Draco with muggle friends and seemed to have given up magic for good, Domestic!Draco in an apron (with a baby on his hip) scene, fluffy first date (with a disastrous start, the result of Harry's naivety LOL!) and other dates with Draco and his boys.
    #Story jumped a bit too fast from H/D just getting re-acquainted to falling in love and then getting married but it's still delightfully adorable

    Summary: Seven years after the war Harry and Draco are living completely different lives, so what happens when their worlds collide again? Why Love of-course!

  • May 19, 13

    *Awesomeness!! ~~omgsqueeeeee!! ♥♥♥♥♥
    Harry works with the Department of Misuse of Magic (sort of like a Narcotics Agent), Draco brews illegal (and addictive) potions. Basically Harry is out to arrest the gang of drug (addictive potion) dealers Draco brews for and so Draco is tasked with the duty to keep Harry occupied and distracted from his job. But right from the start, it was never about deceiving Harry but more on the fact that Draco finds himself genuinely attracted to Harry. Featuring H/D bickering at each other like an old married couple, buying each other coffee and sending the coffee to the recipient through a delivery service, dinner dates, Harry teaching Draco how to drive, Draco teaching Harry how to ski, sexytimes and a little bit of angst... but there's a happy ending :D

    Summary: In which Draco's life is shady, Harry is out to save the world from itself, and revenge turns sour.

  • May 21, 13

    *Sequel = Don't Miss the Train
    Auror partners!Harry and Draco (in Budapest). Redeemed!Draco who's chirpy and adorably flirtatious at the beginning but gets seriously upset when Harry refuses to see past their childhood rivalry (Stubborn!Judgmental!Harry), to see that Draco has changed for the better. Harry might be a little bit mean at times but... oh well, he has his reasons.

    Summary: Harry and Draco are forced to work together on an assignment. Draco's been pursuing Harry for a while, but Harry has too little respect for Draco to take him seriously. Could anything in the world change that?

  • May 19, 13

    *Rather OOC-ish but sweet and cute :D
    Exactly what the summary says. Draco isn't happy that his mother and Arthur Weasley are together and have plans to marry soon so he does his best to make things difficult for them.... and stubbornly resisting Harry's advances (It's cute how stubborn Harry is in his determination to court Draco and how equally stubborn Draco is at resisting Harry). #No sex scenes

    Summary: Two years have passed since Molly Weasley and Lucius Malfoy died in the final battle. Arthur and Narcissa, due to the strength of the support group they joined shortly after their spouses died, have moved on, and have found love in each other. Their wedding is scheduled for next summer when Ginny, Draco and Ron graduate but they both realise that between now and then, some things will have to change. To help ease the two family's transition from friends to family they are spending the holiday together. Now Draco's forced to spend his Christmas with a bunch of redheads and an annoying flirt of a saviour who just won't let Draco out of his sight.

  • May 17, 13

    Harry and Draco work for a cozy little (muggle) workshop in Amsterdam that makes musical instruments. And at one point Harry tends a bar. Basically Harry took to traveling and touring aimlessly in an attempt to cope with the aftermath of the War, he bumps into Draco, they have super hot, sexy, delicious sex and then Draco leaves. Harry obsesses (and pines) over their one night stand and decides to chase after Draco.... and he ends up in Amsterdam where he gets a job in a quaint little workshop, the same place Draco works. Meanwhile, Draco pines hopelessly after his gorgeous ex while half-torn between wanting Harry and wanting to strangle Harry. Smoking, drinking, touring, partying, pining (Draco pining after his ex and Harry pines after Draco) and delicious sex!

    Summary: After years of running away, Harry crosses paths with an all-too familiar face and follows him to Amsterdam.

  • May 16, 13

    *CUTE & SEXY!! ♥♥♥♥♥
    Healer!Draco (Redeemed!Draco), Healer trainee!Harry. Past Harry/Charlie. Lots and lots of coffee including yummy caramel apple spice latte (Draco's fancy coffee). Date in a coffee shop and then more coffee (So, am tagging this with the Food/Beverage tag for that reason). #Implied switching (*fans self* ♥ So hot!)

    Summary: Harry thought the best part about being a Healer would be saving lives every day without the constant fear of being murdered by a megalomaniac, but when Draco Malfoy walked into the room he realized he hadn't escaped so easily. Or, the one with the coffee.

  • Apr 29, 13

    *Bottom!Draco. Am gonna just link straight to Dracogotgame's Livejournal because EVERYTHING and ANYTHING Harry/Draco by Dracogotgame is the EPITOME OF CUTENESS! ♥♥♥♥♥

    And I physically and mentally incapable of just picking a couple of fics out of the TON LOADS OF GOODNESS that can be found in her lj. Absolutely fluff-tastic!

  • Jan 31, 13

    Draco is the gorgeous founder (and esteemed designer) of sexy male underwear! Auror!Harry, with Harry being Draco's bodyguard in this one. Lots of sexy underwear (omgsqueeee soooo sexy!!!) and a cute, smitten!Harry... and delicious sexytimes! :D

    Summary: Auror Potter has a bit of an obsession and Draco is in an interesting line of work. What happens when Harry receives an emergency assignment at Malfoy Manor?

  • Jan 23, 13

    *Draco has to relive Valentine's Day over and over until he gets it right... and stop being such a bastard to everybody, especially Harry. Total prat!Draco....until he finally stop being so prat-ish. Some Draco/OFCs (including Draco/slutty!Pansy). A major character death scene (murder by AK) but because the day keeps repeating on an endless loop over and over, the person didn't die at the end. Happy Harry/Draco ending :)

    Summary: It's not a happy Valentine's Day for Draco. Then again, he might get a chance to do it over…

  • Jan 23, 13

    *Oh, so cute!
    Harry helps Draco with his grief... plus, he has decided that he wanted to court Draco. References to Draco drowning his sorrows in alcohol before being carried off to Harry's place to be cuddled and courted. Also, Draco's fractured finger in a muggle cast that envelops his palm. Friendly!Supportive!Hermione :D #No penetrative sex scenes

    Summary: Draco lost some one close to him. He gets help in the form of Harry Potter.

  • Jan 21, 13

    *Post-war, Hogwarts 8th year. Cliche Drarry plot but it's super fluffy and cute (and I was craving fluff when I stumbled across this :D). SPaG mistakes here and there, and OOCness but with lots of fluff. Shy!Blushing virgin!Meek!Draco, Powerful!Over protective!Ready-to-kill-for-Draco!Harry. Heavy Lucius bashing (I'm uncomfortable with the "Let's-Kill-Lucius-In-Cold-Blood" scene but I understand that it's an important part of the plot). A teensy tiny bit of Ron bashing. Super supportive!Ginny. Loving!Narcissa. Harry/Draco 'trial' relationship plot - basically Harry made a deal with Draco to try dating for a month as a trial thing, and then see how it goes :D

    Summary: Harry doesn't want to end up with Ginny, she knows that and understands but no one else knows that Harry's little secret is that he's gay and completely besotted with Draco Malfoy. Harry knows it's unlikely but thats where the deal comes in.

  • Jan 20, 13

    *GAAH!! SO AWESOME!! *loves* ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Part 2 of The Intellectual Love Affair series (it's a trilogy). Master Brewer!Draco (BAMF!Potions expert). Not-so-recluse!Harry because he's officially helping with Draco's apothecary business (Harry/Draco as business partners and close friends). Harry/Draco pre-slash turning into slash (Harry starts to actively pursue Draco) and bits of Draco/Daphne Greengrass (a bit of Harry/Ginny friendship). Evil baddies are still after Harry and Draco - this time, they're determined to destroy everything accomplished by Draco and hurt Harry (by hurting Draco because Harry cares for Draco). Violence, torture, dark curses, illegal use of memory charms and Legilimency (used as a torture device) and sexual abuse (Draco) - and the resulting injuries. Potions shop talk, political stuff, powerful wandless magic (Harry), Harry's fear of his own magic, Draco's selective amnesia (memory charms), kidnapping (and the awesome rescue plan), dueling, graphic torture & sexual abuse scenes.

    Summary: Draco and Harry start marketing the Desire potion, only to encounter opposition from Draco's debtors, manipulative Slytherin women, and politicians running for Minister.

  • Jan 20, 13

    *Cuteness!! Basically Harry and Draco works for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. They share an office together. It's Valentine's Day and there are a lot of magical 'accidents' all over the muggle world, so it's their job to fix them all. Draco is petulant and frustrated. Harry finds comfort in flirting with Draco.... and there are people Polyjuicing themselves into Draco for some kinky Polyjuice-sex, which horrifies Draco :D

    Summary: In which Draco is petulant, Harry is amused, romantic gestures play havoc with the Statute of Secrecy, and everyone wants to steal some of Draco's hair.

  • Jan 18, 13

    *Cute, sexy fluff! Aurors!Harry and Draco. Draco is also a Spy for the Ministry (to keep an eye on the stupid!Death Eaters that are in hiding). Basically, there is a new Death Eater on the block and he's charismatic and smart... and he wants Harry dead. Draco tries his best to keep Harry alive, while Harry refuse to stop flirting with Draco. Harry's excessive flirting and Gilderoy Lockhart-like obnoxious behavior makes Draco think Harry isn't serious about liking Draco so Draco shies away from Harry's numerous attempts at wooing Draco. Draco ended up saving Harry several (Draco is Harry's sort-of-bodyguard) times and becoming a hero! CUTE HARRY-COURTS-DRACO!FIC #No sex scenes (yet)

    Summary: Draco just wants to do his job and keep the newly competent Death Eaters from assassinating Potter. Potter just wants to flirt with him. It is not much fun to be Draco Malfoy right now.

  • Jan 18, 13

    *GAH!! SEXY AND CUTE!! *loves*
    Head Auror!Harry. Draco is trying to avoid being blamed for a crime he did not commit, so he tries his best to get Harry to listen to him (he stalks Harry... sort of). Magical lubricant. Ron being Ron and Zach Smith being an arsehole as usual. Harry/Draco interrogation scene that ended with sexytimes (Bossy sub!Draco). Happy ending for everyone (except for Ron's sanity because Harry started dating Draco :D)

    Summary: When Astoria Malfoy is investigated for opening an underground lubricant business targeted at Muggles (to painful effect), an irate Draco comes to Harry, though Harry doesn't quite know why. What Harry does know is that he's noticing very odd things about Malfoy. (Who knew Malfoy had such long eyelashes?)

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