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Apple Ling's List: Bonding/Marriage

  • Jul 01, 13

    *Established relationship (married, then divorced). Lots of tropical island induced UST-ing, a little bit of angst and drama, and lots of fluff!

    Summary: Most people would think that seven days on a tropical island would be a week in paradise, unless they were stranded on the island with their ex-husband.

  • Jun 15, 13

    *It's Harry and Draco's wedding day!!! And it's wonderfully, adorably PERFECT! (Hilarious too! And very touching in some parts). Also, there's cute little Scorpius and Teddy.

    Summary: It's Harry and Draco's bonding day. Draco has planned it all so obviously nothing will go wrong.

  • Jun 14, 13

    *Cuteness!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Exactly what the summary says :p

    Summary: Draco wakes up wedded, bedded and screwed.

  • Jun 14, 13

    *Uber fluff-tastic!! ♥♥♥♥♥
    8th year. Featuring a very cute Harry crushing on Draco but not quite realizing it at first so he stalks Draco everywhere trying to befriend him :p Other cute parts of the story include a bit of wand lore ("wand union", unintentional bond caused by special magic-y wandlore stuff - just READ the story!), the way magic "feels" different according to the type of personality of the caster, and lots more cute H/D bonding moments, Harry getting badly injured at one point #No sex scenes
    Smooch Fest link:

    Summary: Harry's wand is playing up and Hermione thinks she knows the answer, but why does she have to be right all the time, why does Draco Malfoy have to be so god damn difficult and why is he wearing his tie backwards?

  • May 23, 13

    *Mhmm, sexy! :p Basically, established relationship!Harry and Draco (they're married!) discuss their sexual kinks. #Fantasy-wise (or when it comes to kinky preferences) Draco gets off on being the slutty, submissive bottom while Harry has a thing for dominating Draco. In actual practice (in usual day-to-day routine) however, they take turns Topping/Bottoming and... are pretty vanilla in their bedroom activities, mostly because they're ashamed of their.... wilder, kinkier fantasies. Contains super sexy, very graphic Top!Draco/Bottom!Harry scene (while they fantasize about a particular Bottom!Draco scenario) at the end *fans self*. Also, lots and lots of Veritaserum

    Summary: This entire fic is one long conversation about sex.

  • May 23, 13

    *Ex Head Auror!Harry turned host of a homely lodging/bed and breakfast sort of thing (a Cumbrian manor which also happens to be H/D's home), Potions Master!Draco. Established H/D (civil partnership). Ginny + Astoria friendship. Epilogue compliant with teenage Next Gen (everybody being friends with everybody with the minor exception of James Sirius... because he hates Draco's presence in his father's life)
    #Basically someone dies, everybody suspects Draco did it, Harry does his best to protect Draco, Ron and the Aurors investigate, Draco angsts (and War-related fears start bubbling close to the surface again, leaving him tensed, worried and scared most of the time), Arabella Figg plays detective. Oh, and a scary but minor hostage scene and a (near fatal) injury scene.

    Summary: "There's a dead Ministry official sprawled across the sitting room floor," I announce before collapsing into a chair at the kitchen table. "This can't be good for bookings."

  • May 22, 13

    *AU-ish War!fic. Harry is some sort of a badass government agent, basically the Head of the War Office and Special Consultant to the Minister of Magic. Draco is a Death Eater turned Spy for the Ministry (Redeemed!Draco). Harry's also charged with bodyguard!duty concerning Draco but is given license/permission to kill Draco should he prove to be untrustworthy or if Draco succumbs to Voldie's Summons
    #Featuring flashbacks to their Hogwarts days in between scenes, H/D fighting an awful lot (trust issues), D owning H a life debt, H/D forced proximity (on the run from Voldie together), a D.E attack on Hogwarts (in which there is a scene that tortures then kills Lucius), Voldie Summoning (torturing) D through the Dark Mark, ritual to remove the Dark Mark from D (involving some intimate body painting :p), H/D accidental bonding and telepathy, killing Voldie, past Harry/Weasley twin, stubborn!H who's deeply in denial about his feelings for D #Implied switching but it didn't happen because... no sex scenes (such a pity)

    Summary: There's only so much death a man can stand.

  • Jan 20, 13

    *TOO EPIC FOR WORDS ♥♥♥♥♥♥ *flails*
    Mostly Epilogue compliant but with a clever magical twist! Harry works for Hermione in the Blood Reparations Department. Draco is a lonely recluse at first. Later on, Draco helps Harry with his work. There are 2 main plots that weaves around each other in this fic:
    Plot 1 - Draco is accused of murdering a muggleborn witch. Narcissa claims the life-debt Harry owes her and demands that Harry investigate the matter to prove Draco's innocence. Then, Pureblood supremacist groups and Muggleborn rights groups try to start a 3rd war. New evil mastermind called the Masked Lady.
    Plot 2: Harry can't stop having sexy dreams of an alternate life he has with Draco. Harry and Draco both have sexy visions of themselves as lovers in mirrors. Some powerful magical force is trying to force them together despite the marriage vows made to their respective wives. Also, the same powerful force kept hurting Draco and making Harry save him. Plus, Draco is compelled to save Harry a couple of times too.
    #Harry and Draco are both BAMF!Heros in this, although for the majority of the story Harry plays the Savior/Protector-role while Draco tries not to lean too heavily on Harry's strength and ability to save/protect/comfort him. Eventually Draco learns to save himself... and Harry. Ginny and Malfoy-wife bashing. Hermione's role is... divided between BAMF!Heroine and Cold Meddling Bitch (P.S. - I dislike Hermione a lot more than I dislike Ginny in this fic) throughout the story. Awesome!Narcissa. Life debts and marriage vows, the appearance of dragons and zombies, Draco's extreme claustrophobia, near drowning, near fatal overdose on a potion, a cuddly Scorpius who's almost always glued to Draco like a clingy cute koala, an equally cuddly kidlet!Albus Severus, Harry's Guardian Angel owl, a teensy bit of Harry/Draco/Ginny love triangle, metal-cased dead Malfoy ancestors, violence and torture. Also, cute Scorpius + Albus Severus kiddie friendship (all the children are tiny kidlets in this piece) *coos* Happy Harry/Draco ending.

    Summary: Harry is too busy ten years after the war to help out just one family, but that's exactly what he has to do. And as he hunts their enemy, magic no one understands is hunting him.

  • Jan 19, 13

    *Cute fluff and sweet sexytimes! Harry/Draco established relationship (married, with kids!). Draco is pregnant and he breaks the news to Harry :D #The graphic sex scene in this piece is Bottom!Draco but it was pretty obvious there had to be some 'switching' in their bedroom activities because it was implied that Harry had been pregnant (with one of their boys) at least once previously. Also, the author spelled Scorpius' name wrong.

    Summary: "Harry, do you remember how many kids we talked about having?" "Errr...not really. I mean, James and Albus were planned but Scorpious was very much a surprise. I just sort of figured that at some point you'd let me know if and when you wanted to have another one," he replied, moving to sit up in bed himself. "Why?"

  • Jan 06, 13

    Auror!Harry (with Auror partner!Ron) and a rebellious!Draco who has suddenly decide he needs to face all his fears before it's too late (he has a list of things he wants to do and he asks Harry to help him). Harry is reckless, more than usual, in this story and Ron (and everyone else who knows Harry) thinks Harry has a serious death wish, which to be honest isn't that far from the truth. Frightened!Quirky!Earnest!Draco with his fears, insecurities and desperation to face all of them, actually grounds Harry and stops him from doing crazy reckless things that could get him killed. Draco with his weird theories of muggles (especially muggle women LOL!) and his hilarious visit to the Dursleys (with a magical potted plan that gives you rabbit ears!!). Flying on a hippogriff, facing werewolves (Draco's boggart is a werewolf), bonding moments and hilarious chats with Harry. Sexytimes (Draco bruises way too easily), Harry's tattoos and angst and the discussion of feelings and Harry and Draco bonds for real and then happy, happy ending!
    #Heavily implied switching, graphic and detailed penetrative sex scene is bottom!Draco. In other scenes, Harry was the one on the receiving end of a lovely rim-job and fingering.... unfortunately, nothing more than that. Regardless of Top/Bottom, every sex scene is sinfully delicious!!

    Summary: "There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance." -- John Lennon

  • Jan 02, 13

    Best Trainee Healer!Draco, Trainee Healer!Harry. Classmates!Harry and Draco in trainee healer classes (because Draco's Healer license got suspended and he had to go back into training). Draco in casual, sometimes oversized clothes. Draco tutoring Harry. Lonely!Quiet!Draco who is always by himself. Completely smitten!Pining!Harry while Draco remains oblivious. Devoted father!Draco to a sick little Scorpius. New ministry law that strips past D.E sympathizers of most of their rights - Draco losing his job, Scorpius banned from getting medical treatment. Harry marrying Draco so that Scorpius would receive better medical care instead of being shunned for Draco's past D.E status. Portrait!Snape who helps Draco.

    Summary: A series of attacks by a group of neo-Death Eaters causes the Ministry to implement a new set of restrictions on former Death Eaters and their children. When Scorpius falls ill, Draco decides that he will do anything to save his son, even if it means marrying Harry Potter.

  • Dec 27, 12

    *Auror!Harry (and Auror partner!Neville), Draco is a pretty burlesque (crossdresser) performer. Cute side pairing: Neville/Hannah (Neville's letters to Hannah). Pansy as Draco's best friend (whom Draco suspects - but isn't sure - is a criminal but he protects her identity from the aurors anyway). Ancient curse that allows a pureblood male who is also the last heir to the bloodline (and gay at the same time) to transform into a female for his "mate" in order to get pregnant and continue to bloodline. Lots of sexy UST and "I must have you right now, right here" sex scenes. Sick!Lonely!Insecure!Draco with a So-Horny-I-Cant-Think-Straight!Suspicious!Harry (who is also over-protective of Draco). Harry and Draco staying together. Draco gets hurt by baddies at one point and Hero!How-Dare-You-Hurt-My-Mate-I-Keel-Yooo!Harry to the rescue. Happy H/D and Neville/Hannah ending.

    Summary: Harry and Neville are looking for the infamous Dragon Lily, a Dark witch active throughout Europe and Asia. Instead, they find the Tuxedo Angel, a beautiful witch performing in Rome. Harry quickly discovers that the Angel is not what she seems, and fights his attraction to her, while both he and the Angel are drawn into a web created by ancient magic that pulls them together, whether they are ready for it or not.

  • Dec 11, 12

    Head Auror!Harry, heavily pregnant husband!Draco. Sweet flangst! A petulant Draco worrying over the baby and fatherhood... and Harry. Late (male) pregnancy sex! Draco mispronouncing "The Beatles" = cute!

    Summary: He's touching me the way he did that morning, with a reverence I didn't deserve then but now couldn't be more fitting: this child we've made cradled within me and between us, flesh, blood, and bone spun from our deepest, most desperate desires.

  • Nov 19, 12

    *Yay!! Bonding!Fic. Hit Wizard!Harry, (Reclusive!)Magical Theorist!Draco
    A heart-shaped stone. A stray binding spell (modified along the way to bind the magics of H/D together). Sharing a bed. Showering together. Going to a muggle cinema together. H carrying a sleepy squirmy Draco to bed (tee hee!). Meddling Lucius and Narcissa. A reclusive!smitten-yet-awkward-sometimes-shy!Draco with a wicked sweet tooth and a flair for dramatics... plus, a strange fondness for Muggle things. Harry doesn't stand a chance and he's slowly but surely falling for Draco :D #No sex

    Summary: It's not very often that your suspect binds you to your old school rival.

  • Nov 17, 12


    Summary: Draco's gotten sick, refuses to admit it, and is attempting to seduce Harry into bed. Harry has the job of keeping his husband in bed to rest. Why do I get the feeling that Harry's plan will be going down the drain, courtesy of Draco.

  • Nov 01, 12

    ♥♥♥♥♥ Prompt: After the War, the Ministry enforced a law that decreed the extermination of all Dark Creatures. In retaliation, the Creatures launched a war on Humans and the next thing the world knows, people are "Turning" into mutated versions of Dark Creatures left, right and center. Humans are now at the bottom of the food chain. The right order of things is further turned upside down when it is Human!Draco Malfoy who starts an underground resistance force fighting to prevent the extinction of mankind while Harry Potter disappeared. Until one day, Potter was sighted among a pack of werewolves as their leader and the Alpha Wolf.
    *Draco has awesome control on wandless magic!! Brief OMC/Draco. Background Ron/Hermione. Feral little Teddy.

    Summary: In his dreams Draco sees horrors and when he wakes, he remembers that each and every one of them is real. And when he wakes, he straps on his dragon-hide armour and goes out to stop what he can.

  • Oct 31, 12

    *Wedding!! Yay!! POIGNANT & ROMANTIC :D

    Fic excerpt:
    Harry lowered Draco’s hand, his thumb once again caressing the gleaming band. “You know what this ring means?”

  • Oct 30, 12

    Loose re-telling of Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew". Quidditch player!Harry. Draco is rebellious, violent, destructive, and dangerously impulsive and reckless.... yet, buried deep inside, Draco has issues with authority (Lucius!), trust and at times, intimacy. Harry too has issues with authority... and commitment. He's an unrepentant playboy, he first pursued Draco for the wrong reasons but finds beauty in all of Draco's faults. Also, Harry finds Draco's feisty temper and proneness for destruction hot, sexy and addictive. Harry didn't "tame" Draco, but more like he'd accepted and fallen in love with everything that makes up Draco Malfoy. Both good and bad... and even the temper. Cross-dressing Draco at one point. Cute side parings: Narcissa and her suitors, plus Percy Weasley :D #Graphic sex scenes are all of bottom!Draco but there's some (dirty)talk about Harry bottoming - but that didn't happen though.

    Summary: After the war, Draco is really, really, really angry. A loose re-telling of "Taming of the Shrew" with duelling, mindless destruction, cross-dressing and lashings of crack.

  • Sep 11, 12

    *Established relationship, implied male pregnancy... Harry proposes :D

    Summary: A beautiful, warm summer morning turned even brighter as the Golden Boy of the Wizarding World makes the biggest decision of his life, all thanks to blonde hair and silver eyes, and a few encouraging words from his deceased mother.

  • Aug 24, 12

    *This is so cute and funny and yet so sad. Still, I love every single word of Draco's will - especially the last part, dedicated to Harry ♥♥♥♥♥. For a fic containing major character death, it's rather fluffy and cute. #This is Draco's Will - of course there aren't any sex scenes.

    Summary: I, DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament.

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