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Apple Ling's List: Animals/Pets

  • Jun 16, 13

    *Aching and angsty but such GOOD pain! ♥♥♥♥♥
    Timeline spanning from middle of the war to directly post-war. Basically Harry and Ron got caught by Death Eaters and were thrown into a dingy dungeon cell in Malfoy Manor where they were tortured (sexual, physical and mental) for information. Draco is secretly on their side (sneaking healing potions and food to the prisoners). Featuring graphic descriptions of torture and rape, molestation, heavy usage of Dark curses, painful scarring and branding of the skin, Dark bondage spells meant to stretch, pull, hurt and burn the skin. Draco forced to sexually violate Harry (in case you find this part confusing --> *he fisted Harry*), unintentionally Harry did breached Draco's personal barriers and defenses too - in a way, violating Draco back, killing Voldie, hiding in a Safe House, helplessly smitten!pining!Draco who is deeply regretful of what he had done to Harry - part of Harry understands and wants to forgive but the other part of him can't get over the trauma (for Harry it wasn't about the pain or rape but he's traumatized over losing control to another), Draco trying to redeem himself after, unintentional Legilimency (the sharing of minds), wandless magic (Harry), H/D bonding moments, H/D hurt/comfort moments, adopting a stray kitty, sexy quietly assertive and dominant!Harry and a sub!Draco.
    To note: Harry was sexually violated in a lot of ways but never with penile penetration, Ron's violation involve forced penile penetration. And while in the dungeon, Harry is made vulnerable to Draco but after, Draco is made very much vulnerable to Harry - both their enforced state of vulnerability deal with violation of their person but of different kinds. Strong!Harry and Ron, despite everything. Minor character death that is not Harry or Ron or Draco.
    #Top!Harry/Bottom!Draco sexy sex scenes

    Summary: A damaged-but-not-broken Harry in the clutches of Death Eaters and a caught-up-in-circumstances Draco who's not actually evil.

  • Jun 15, 13

    *Cute! ♥♥♥♥♥
    Tee hee! 8th year. Harry crushes on Draco and uses the Giant Squid to get Draco's attention! OMG! This is beyond cute! A teensy little bit of dub-con-ish moments when Draco got fondled by the Squid. Also, swimming lessons at Hogwarts and the boys in skimpy bathing trunks! Also featuring Blaise and Pansy as Draco's protective best friends :p

    Summary: Draco has a stalker, or is it a secret admirer? What does Potter have to do with it?

  • Jun 15, 13

    *Absolutely beautiful! ♥♥♥♥♥
    Auror!Harry who is also a dog animagus nicknamed Fluffy :p Blind!Draco (who is also a writer - He writes gay romance novels) and Harry is his bodyguard.
    Basically Draco finds himself blind after an attack in Diagon Alley. Auror!Harry offers to pose as Draco's guide dog (in animagus form). Harry makes an adorable dog and is sweet and protective and PERFECT! Draco is terribly insecure, very self-punishing and has basically lost of faith in the Wizarding World he has left behind to live in the Muggle world, but doggy!Harry and Harry himself, gives him back his happiness and confidence. Draco collects old, discarded books because he couldn't bear to throw them away (aww!). Cute H/D bonding and hurt/comfort moments. Also, cute flustered!Harry moments when he finds himself attracted to Draco. And cute Draco+doggy!Harry moments. Plus, the cutest, fluffiest ending ever *loves*
    Smooch Fest link:

    Summary: Don't think of it as losing your sight. Think of it as gaining an Animagus who never quite learned the meaning of the word 'boundaries'.

  • May 08, 13

    *CUTENESS!! ♥♥♥♥♥
    Auror partners!Harry and Draco. Smitten-yet-oblivious!Harry (and very jealous of Blaise's friendship with Draco). Draco's cat :p #Pre-slash

    Summary: Harry makes a surprising discovery when he Apparates into his Auror partner's flat one evening after an argument at work.

  • Jun 03, 12

    *Bratty!Bitchy!Jealous!Draco stuck with an exasperated!Harry in Romania. Escaped dragons, forest fire, cuddling for body heat, misunderstandings and making up. #No penetrative sex on screen.

    Summary: After yet another public dueling between the two wizards, the Wizengamot can do nothing else except put both boys to work paying off their fines by lending a hand restoring the Dragon Preserve in Romania. Not only would this force the two to finally work together, but it would finally get them out of everyone's hair for a while. It's just too bad that Harry and Draco would much rather be neutered than play nice.

  • Jan 20, 13

    *TOO EPIC FOR WORDS ♥♥♥♥♥♥ *flails*
    Mostly Epilogue compliant but with a clever magical twist! Harry works for Hermione in the Blood Reparations Department. Draco is a lonely recluse at first. Later on, Draco helps Harry with his work. There are 2 main plots that weaves around each other in this fic:
    Plot 1 - Draco is accused of murdering a muggleborn witch. Narcissa claims the life-debt Harry owes her and demands that Harry investigate the matter to prove Draco's innocence. Then, Pureblood supremacist groups and Muggleborn rights groups try to start a 3rd war. New evil mastermind called the Masked Lady.
    Plot 2: Harry can't stop having sexy dreams of an alternate life he has with Draco. Harry and Draco both have sexy visions of themselves as lovers in mirrors. Some powerful magical force is trying to force them together despite the marriage vows made to their respective wives. Also, the same powerful force kept hurting Draco and making Harry save him. Plus, Draco is compelled to save Harry a couple of times too.
    #Harry and Draco are both BAMF!Heros in this, although for the majority of the story Harry plays the Savior/Protector-role while Draco tries not to lean too heavily on Harry's strength and ability to save/protect/comfort him. Eventually Draco learns to save himself... and Harry. Ginny and Malfoy-wife bashing. Hermione's role is... divided between BAMF!Heroine and Cold Meddling Bitch (P.S. - I dislike Hermione a lot more than I dislike Ginny in this fic) throughout the story. Awesome!Narcissa. Life debts and marriage vows, the appearance of dragons and zombies, Draco's extreme claustrophobia, near drowning, near fatal overdose on a potion, a cuddly Scorpius who's almost always glued to Draco like a clingy cute koala, an equally cuddly kidlet!Albus Severus, Harry's Guardian Angel owl, a teensy bit of Harry/Draco/Ginny love triangle, metal-cased dead Malfoy ancestors, violence and torture. Also, cute Scorpius + Albus Severus kiddie friendship (all the children are tiny kidlets in this piece) *coos* Happy Harry/Draco ending.

    Summary: Harry is too busy ten years after the war to help out just one family, but that's exactly what he has to do. And as he hunts their enemy, magic no one understands is hunting him.

  • Jan 18, 13

    *Pretend philanthropist!Draco (and then, later he took over management of a small little muggle animal shelter but this was because he genuinely cares, unlike his past donations to other charities and organisations). Basically, Draco wants his old hawthorn wand back (Harry is still keeping it) because his new one doesn't work for him. Harry refuses to return the wand because he believes Draco doesn't deserve to have it back. So Draco sets out to prove he has changed by donating to charities and claiming to have seen the error of his ways and wanted to turn over a new leaf - mostly, he tries to manipulate Harry into giving back the hawthorn wand to him. Draco adopts a bad tempered little Jack Russell terrier named Pyxis. There's a little bit of Harry/Ginny at the beginning. Happy ending!

    Summary: "You haven't done one brave or noble thing in your life, Malfoy. Then you come into my house and ask me why I won't do the right thing for you? What have you ever done for anyone?"

  • Jan 02, 13

    Dragon tamer apprentice number 1!Draco and Dragon tamer apprentice number 2!Harry. Draco has a gift with dragons and is super sexy (with long hair!!). An Antipodean Opaleye dragon named Thuban (this one is rather attached to Draco). Harry and Draco staying together. Harry and his pink dildo having some sexy alone time *drools* Happy ending!

    Summary: Harry wants to apprentice for Charlie's team at the dragon reserve, but they already have an apprentice: a very fit wizard who tends to bring out Harry's obsessive side.

  • Jan 02, 13

    White kitty!Draco appeared on Harry's doorstep and Harry takes him in ~~squeeeee! Incredibly fluffy and cute!

    Summary: Banished from his home during the holiday season with only his wand and the clothes he's wearing, Draco has no choice but to take on his Animagus form and hope someone will take him in.

  • Jan 01, 13

    Head Auror!Harry (with a gift for wandless magic), Seer!Draco (who is rather eccentric at times but utterly adorable still). As the story progresses, Harry finds Draco's eccentricity endearing :D Also, Draco's eyes go milky whenever he receives a vision/premonition. Draco's cute owl D'Artagnan. At the beginning of the story, Draco was stuck in a mental ward. Harry and Draco staying together in Grimmauld Place (Draco wearing Harry's clothes ~squeee!). Suspicious deaths to cover up an illicit paper trail that has to do with some Great Big Conspiracy (which Harry and Draco are determined to crack). Some of the signs that point to said Great Big Conspiracy involve the Gemini cluster of stars, invoices/receipts of some renowned pureblood males (Lucius Malfoy, Sirius Black) for donating sperm, suspicious accounting numbers etc etc. Draco was Obliviated once in the past and there was this super fancy, super cool scene where a trained Obliviator helped Draco regain his memories and break the hold of the spell on him! Draco having sexy visions of him and Harry having sex (both Top!Draco and Bottom!Draco). Hot sexy Drarry wall sex!!! Cute side pairings: Baker!Ron/Hermione and Auror!Seamus/Obliviator!Zach Smith... then there's Castor Malfoy (~squeeeee!)
    #The most graphic and detailed sex scene is bottom!Draco. Top!Draco scenes are mostly only mentioned in passing.

    Summary: A stray unforgiveable gives Draco a gift he can't give back and it helps him uncover a family secret linked to a series of murders five years later. With the help of Harry Potter they work together to solve the mystery of a familiar constellation.

  • Dec 20, 12

    *Blending of different timelines (alternate universes) that's meant to give Harry and Dumbledore different choices about certain life-altering events. In each universe, Harry and Draco are meant to be together ♥. Alive!James/Lily and Sirius/Remus at one point. Major character deaths in one of the different universes (but don't worry, they come back alive later). Cute blue baby owl as Harry's pet. Harry is also a black cat animagus :D

    Summary: Teddy meant well. He just wanted to give Harry the same thing he always wanted...parents. Unspeakable Teddy Lupin comes across a scroll with the Potter seal on it. The only problem is that he found it in a birdcage resting on a cloud high up in the sky.

  • Dec 13, 12

    Post-Hogwarts AU/AR-ish. Veela!Genius!Draco. Starts with H/D in a magical university as students, roommates, best friends and ex-lovers (then gradually becoming more as lovers as the story progresses). Time-travel back to ages ago - steampunk feel. Lots of cute H/D banter, snarkery, humour and the boys being all touchy-feely with each other... but as slightly-more-than-friends-but-not-lovers. Rooming together. Getting drunk together. Working for Clockmaker!Snape together in what appears to be Snape's (clock) shop: Draco as Snape's apprentice of sorts and helps with making watches while Snape makes Harry do all sorts of house-elf-ish jobs. Smart!Cunning!Manipulative!Draco who is the (super pretty) hero in this story, and this time Harry's mostly the 'sidekick' slash overprotective ex-boyfriend. Cool steampunk/time travel inspired creatures: Hounds of Tindalos. Special time-travelling pocket watches. References to Draco being vulnerable only to Harry because he is in love with Harry (plus being a Veela and all that). Oh, and Harry's cat. #No penetrative sex (but there are lots of kissy moments and groping sessions :D)

    Summary: When an antique pocketwatch sends Harry and Draco back in time, they must work together if they've any hope of returning home.

  • Dec 01, 12

    *FLANGSTASTIC!! Romantic and angsty with a happy, fluffy ending.
    Auror!Harry (pining for Draco for years). Deserted magical/mythical island for holidaying heroes (and Unspeakable!Draco is the caretaker/guide for those heroes in that island. Draco is also an ex-Auror and Harry's ex-Auror partner). Young!Draco (19, because he didn't age) and 26-going-27!Harry. House elf with an attitute (LOL)!Pokey. Also cute owl (with an attitude)!Hermes (Draco's owl?). Draco making friends with the magical plants/creatures on the island. H/D friendship plus UST and then kissy moments and sexytimes. The entire Wizarding World plus the Ministry being a bitch to Draco because of his name and D.E associations (plus, it's horrible how everyone but Harry - and Ron/Hermione - thought Harry would be better off without Draco so they tossed Draco away). #Mostly bottom!Draco with only about one Bottom!Harry scene.

    After an Auror mission gone wrong, Harry finds himself stranded on an island, where his only companions are a mute house-elf, a prickly owl, and an insufferable git. Roughly based on the story of Odysseus and Calypso from Homer's Odyssey.

  • Nov 25, 12

    *Aww cute pining!Draco and his obsession with hot chocolate... and "his park" and making friends with a one-legged pigeon and generally being so adorable in his pining for Harry. Happy fluffy ending :D #This is pre-slash so no sex (duh!) lol

    Summary: This is Draco's park. Harry Potter has no business being here.

  • Nov 01, 12

    *Career Choices: Animagus specialist (Harry)/Fledgling Animagus - little Siberian tiger cub (Draco). Oh, there are some cute bonding moments between Tiggy (white tiger cub!Draco) and little Rose Weasley as well as between Ryu (white tiger cub!Draco's new name by Harry) and Harry in a black panther form :D #No sex

    Summary: Draco has finally completed his Animagus transformation. Too bad he hasn't figured out how to transform back. In comes Harry to the rescue, happy to help before he finds out who it is. After that, well, Draco has some explaining to do!

  • Oct 29, 12

    *Career Choices: Draco is a veterinarian and Harry is a pet photographer.
    Cute puppies and kitties and cute (muggle) veterinarian doctors. A vain Draco who apparently happens to be the best dressed doctor ever, who was hurt badly by his past relationship with Harry and yet still pines. Cute muggle OC (Draco's best friend). Brief Draco/Harry/OMC love triangle. #Bottom!Draco but with some talk about Harry possibly bottoming for an OMC.

    Summary: Draco needs to find a job, any job, to avoid joining his father in Azkaban. As a last resort, he works at a Muggle veterinary clinic.

  • Oct 19, 12

    *Creature: Stag. First off, think Bambi. ♥♥♥ Prince!Draco. Harry bathing in the river scene as Draco spies. Cute story but is sad... so, so, sad. MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH.

    Summary: Draco's hunting in the middle of the winter when he meets the boy. And then suddenly Draco's falling and he doesn't know how to stop.

  • Oct 17, 12

    *Career Choices: Inn Keeper Draco and Ghost Hunter Harry. Flangsty and one of the most romantic fics I've read ♥♥♥
    Lonely!Troubled!Draco with a Strong!Confident!Protective!Harry. Creepy supernatural thing hell-bent on possessing Draco (Cursed ghost thingy?). Cute animated little green dragon pet. H/D sharing a room together and other cute moments.

    Summary: After the war, the Ministry forces Draco to turn the Manor into a building open for public use as part of his sentence. So he turns it into an Inn. Surprisingly, it is going quite well until his father's ghost appears in one of the Manor's rooms and scares away all of his guests. As a last resort, Draco seeks the help of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived-Twice turned intrepid Ghost Hunter. Because if he can't maintain the Inn, he may lose his home...

  • Sep 04, 12


    Summary: Harry Potter is taking Draco to dinner, where his surprise awaits. Can he pull this successfully and admit his feelings for Draco?

  • Aug 29, 12

    *Substitute-for-Death!Harry, Death victim!Draco. Passing mention of Draco's murder. Don't worry about Draco being 'dead' though... Harry saves him in the end. Oh, and Draco owns a very protective peacock for a pet :D

    Summary: When Harry united the Deathly Hallows, he created a debt to Death. Now Death is calling that debt in. But how does Draco Malfoy fit into all of this?

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