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Apple Ling's List: Amnesia+MemoryLoss

  • Jun 16, 13

    *Adaptation of "Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger. Harry has a "time-traveling" condition and as he time-travels, he meets Draco in various stages of their life. Uber sweet and romantic with a happy fluffy ending. Timeline spanning from when Harry first met tiny kidlet!Draco to when they're both old and grey (and still very much in love and together ♥). When Harry travels through time, he suffers a bit of disorientation and temporary amnesia. The Draco in this universe is endearingly sweet on Harry, probably because he remembers Harry's time-travel moments through various (significant) parts of his life more than Harry himself. Uber romantic H/D first time ♥♥
    Smooch Fest link:

    Summary: Harry was twenty-one the first time it happened, he was twenty-one and falling in love for the first time. It seems he'll go back, travel through time, until he finds the anchor that keeps him here.

  • Jun 15, 13

    *Cute! ♥♥♥♥♥
    Tee hee! 8th year. Harry crushes on Draco and uses the Giant Squid to get Draco's attention! OMG! This is beyond cute! A teensy little bit of dub-con-ish moments when Draco got fondled by the Squid. Also, swimming lessons at Hogwarts and the boys in skimpy bathing trunks! Also featuring Blaise and Pansy as Draco's protective best friends :p

    Summary: Draco has a stalker, or is it a secret admirer? What does Potter have to do with it?

  • May 19, 13

    *HBP 6th year. Harry and Draco stuck in an orphanage in an Alternate Reality, with other orphaned children... but Draco remembers everything about his Hogwarts days while Harry acts as if he doesn't remember. Featuring a fatherly!Snape who genuinely cares for Draco, an unusual Snitch and necklace with a 'protection' rune, Christmas in an orphanage, flashbacks of Draco's childhood where Lucius is a caring father. #Mostly pre-slash and a bit of kissy scenes :p

    Summary: Three Days before Christmas, Draco wakes up in a 1962 muggle children's home where he is told his parents have died. The only person he recognizes is Harry Potter, who claims to have no memory of Hogwarts or magic.

  • May 09, 13

    *Deliciously angsty but with a happy, fluffy ending! *loves* ♥♥♥♥♥
    Very unique and original plot when it comes to the clashing/merging of different Universes or Alternate Universes kind of plot. A nice blend of Potter-verse Epilogue compliant and a new Alternate Universe without Harry's existence (in which no one remembers Harry except for Draco). Basically, Draco realizes one morning that his entire universe has changed and that his best friend and the love of his life, Harry Potter no longer exists in his world and he wants some answers. Most of the Harry/Draco parts were told from Draco's flashbacks prior to the sudden plunge into an Alternate Universe. Contains Harry+Draco friendship in the Epilogue compliant world even though they both loved each other in secret (because they're both married with wives and children). Cute Scorpius. A teensy bit of Astoria bashing. Harry being blessed with the power of Old Magick. James and Lily Potter's (Harry's parents) sad, so very sad fate (Okay, I'll admit I find parts with James and Lily very painful to read *sniffles*). Warning for suicide but there's a happy ending for everybody, especially Harry and Draco. #No sex scenes

    Summary: One day, Draco woke up in a world where Harry Potter didn't exist.

  • May 08, 13

    *Healer!Draco specializing in Memory Magic (one of the foremost experts in the field). Professional Quidditch Player!Harry in a cursed-induced coma. Contains a very charming, slightly vulnerable and rather lonely Harry (as he pines after Draco). Also, Harry has his memories addled by an assailant which lands him in Healer!Draco's care. Weasley bashing - minus Ron, his wife Hermione and George. Supportive Ron/Hermione and George who knew about Harry's "secret love" (aka Draco). Harry's crazy stalker fans. Draco has nightmares. #No penetrative sex.

    Summary: Because Potter could give him prestige and power again if he cured him of this coma. That was all. Or so Healer Draco thought before he started looking into Harry Potter's memories.

  • Jan 20, 13

    *GAAH!! SO AWESOME!! *loves* ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Part 2 of The Intellectual Love Affair series (it's a trilogy). Master Brewer!Draco (BAMF!Potions expert). Not-so-recluse!Harry because he's officially helping with Draco's apothecary business (Harry/Draco as business partners and close friends). Harry/Draco pre-slash turning into slash (Harry starts to actively pursue Draco) and bits of Draco/Daphne Greengrass (a bit of Harry/Ginny friendship). Evil baddies are still after Harry and Draco - this time, they're determined to destroy everything accomplished by Draco and hurt Harry (by hurting Draco because Harry cares for Draco). Violence, torture, dark curses, illegal use of memory charms and Legilimency (used as a torture device) and sexual abuse (Draco) - and the resulting injuries. Potions shop talk, political stuff, powerful wandless magic (Harry), Harry's fear of his own magic, Draco's selective amnesia (memory charms), kidnapping (and the awesome rescue plan), dueling, graphic torture & sexual abuse scenes.

    Summary: Draco and Harry start marketing the Desire potion, only to encounter opposition from Draco's debtors, manipulative Slytherin women, and politicians running for Minister.

  • Jan 01, 13

    Head Auror!Harry (with a gift for wandless magic), Seer!Draco (who is rather eccentric at times but utterly adorable still). As the story progresses, Harry finds Draco's eccentricity endearing :D Also, Draco's eyes go milky whenever he receives a vision/premonition. Draco's cute owl D'Artagnan. At the beginning of the story, Draco was stuck in a mental ward. Harry and Draco staying together in Grimmauld Place (Draco wearing Harry's clothes ~squeee!). Suspicious deaths to cover up an illicit paper trail that has to do with some Great Big Conspiracy (which Harry and Draco are determined to crack). Some of the signs that point to said Great Big Conspiracy involve the Gemini cluster of stars, invoices/receipts of some renowned pureblood males (Lucius Malfoy, Sirius Black) for donating sperm, suspicious accounting numbers etc etc. Draco was Obliviated once in the past and there was this super fancy, super cool scene where a trained Obliviator helped Draco regain his memories and break the hold of the spell on him! Draco having sexy visions of him and Harry having sex (both Top!Draco and Bottom!Draco). Hot sexy Drarry wall sex!!! Cute side pairings: Baker!Ron/Hermione and Auror!Seamus/Obliviator!Zach Smith... then there's Castor Malfoy (~squeeeee!)
    #The most graphic and detailed sex scene is bottom!Draco. Top!Draco scenes are mostly only mentioned in passing.

    Summary: A stray unforgiveable gives Draco a gift he can't give back and it helps him uncover a family secret linked to a series of murders five years later. With the help of Harry Potter they work together to solve the mystery of a familiar constellation.

  • Dec 08, 12

    Auror partners!Harry and Draco. Basically Harry can't remember sleeping with Draco, making Draco feel small and hurt because he thinks Harry has tossed him aside for bigger and better things. Brief Blaise/Draco. Best friend!Pansy. Oblivious!Harry. Hurt!Pining!Angsting!Draco

    Summary: After a night of drinking, Harry Potter has a love bite the size of Wales on his neck and an unsigned note from the man who gave it to him in his pocket. The only problem? He can't quite remember who he brought home with him the night before. And what's got Draco Malfoy in such a strop?

  • Dec 07, 12

    *Redeemed!Self-sacrificing!Draco reminiscing on his past choices and memories of Harry in the Room of Requirement. Contains the Mirror of Erised, confessions, first time sex, angst, in denial!Harry, Obliviate.... #Sad ending is sad...

    Summary: Seven years Draco'd been at Hogwarts, and much had happened in that time. Now, months after the death of Lord Voldemort, Draco's returned to where it all began in order to face the last of his fears. Will he find what he hopes to gain?

  • Nov 22, 12

    *OMG THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS FIC!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Sequel to "Paradox" from HD BigBang Erised (and omg that one's awesome too!)
    WAR!FIC that is an alternate verse to DH (compliant to DH events in some places, filling up the blanks in others and sometimes a little bit different) but this time, through Draco's pov. Horcrux Hunt Camp with Draco in tow (but isn't privy to most of the Golden Trio's plans because Harry wants to protect him, among other reasons). Sexytimes in the middle of war! Torture and violence. Draco being a prat most of the time but this time a protective prat (of Harry and he might have denied it, but Draco's protective of Hermione too). Draco gradually losing his memory of the time Before the Time Travel. Also, Draco lies about his feelings and his true allegiance to Harry most of the time out of insecurity, I guess (but he definitely is on Harry's side). #Lots of sexytimes but with only two graphic penetrative sex scenes - one Bottom!Draco and the other Bottom!Harry

    Summary: Just because Draco's somehow gotten himself involved in Potter's suicide mission to defeat the Dark Lord doesn't mean he has to go quietly and actually act like a Gryffindor fool. And sure, he and Potter have some sort of relationship going on, but Draco's still a Slytherin, and he's going to bring his own brand of cunning to this cockamamy fool camping trip Potter's gone and got himself stuck in trying to save the world from evil lockets, gingers, and badly cooked food.

  • Nov 19, 12

    *Lots of drama, drama, angsty drama. Basically H and D were attacked, they lost their memories, fell in love, engaged in sexytimes! Then, they have their memories returned to them and they angst over 'Oh god, what had they done?!' and the impossibility of them ever being together in a world that's divided between Good Guys and Death Eaters. Infidelity because Harry was dating Ginny when there were Drarry sexytimes. Lots of argument about what's 'normal' and 'right' for Harry in a post-war world and what's not (mostly between Ron, Hermione and later, Ginny) which frankly, was annoying because it kind of sounded as if Harry being gay equals the end of the world. Self-sacrificing Draco. Sad!Lonely!Pining!Draco while at times, Harry was a rather selfish prat (especially with his callousness for Draco's feelings) but he had his reasons (emo!Harry). Happy ending for H/D though. #No graphic sex (they happen behind the scenes)

    Summary: Two young men wake up in an abandoned alleyway with no memory of who they are or what they're doing there. As they attempt to discover their identities, they set off a chain of events that have repercussions far beyond their control.

  • Sep 23, 12

    *SO SWEET!!
    H/D past relationship, basically Harry fucked up and broke off the relationship... but now he wants Draco back. Also, Harry'd lost bits and pieces of his memories with Draco.

    Summary: At a big Christmas party, Harry runs into the one person he thinks he wants to forget.

  • Aug 21, 12

    *Auror!Harry, Spellbreaker slash Mageioptes!Draco (a job that's similar to curse-breaking but in a more scientific way). A curse that puts people that comes into contact with it into a coma and slowly drains their life force away. Draco who works with sick children. Draco has a gift of Special Sight that allows him to actually See magic. References to Draco having selective amnesia because he can't remember a part of his past in which he was cursed. Pariah!Draco in Britain because of his family name and D.E past. Draco+Pansy = best friends. References to a one-sided Blaise/Draco with Blaise pining. Brief Harry/Draco/Blaise love triangle with a jealous!Harry and pining!Blaise. Evil!Lucius. Harry drugs Draco against his will and having to grovel for forgiveness after. Draco having to sacrifice himself for the greater good...

    Summary: Draco returns to London to help the Ministry decipher a spell, but things aren't quite as simple as they seem.

  • Aug 12, 12

    *CUTE FLUFF! Auror!Harry. Established relationship. Established relationship. Pregnant!Draco. Harry hit by a curse that makes him faint at first sign of a traumatic moment - and then forgets all about it (which probably counts for selective memory loss so tagging this with the Amnesia Tag). Supportive Ron/Hermione. Cute stuff. REALLY cute stuff! #Mostly bottom!Draco with one bottom!Harry towards the end

    Summary: He should have known it was too much to ask for. Potter clearly couldn't wait until after Draco had delivered his news to get hit by some unknown spell and end up in hospital. Again. Frankly, it was selfish of him. As for this fainting business…

  • Aug 01, 12

    Healer!Harry (wizarding equivalent of a surgeon), Potions Master!Draco. Amnesiac!Injured!Draco. Established H/D relationship. Cute side couples: Ron/Hermione and Blaise/Pansy. Healer!Luna as Draco's attending Healer. Nightmares and comforting afters. Comfort sex but then one of them runs away after in regret. Dragon tattoo. Basically, Draco doesn't remember (at least not much) and possibly will never remember ever and Harry pines because this amnesiac!Draco wasn't "his Draco".

    Summary: When Draco loses his memory, Harry struggles to recognise the man he loves. As they get to know each other again, can Harry overcome his sense of loss? And will Draco ever remember that he loves Harry?

  • Jul 29, 12

    *CUTE!! Pastry chef!Draco. Amnesiac!Muggle-ish!Draco. Cute OC: Slyvia. Supporting!Ron and Ginny. Yummy cakes and a teensy tiny bit of angst and all the FLUFF GOODIES IN THE WORLD! #No sex just some sweet kissing and sexy groping.

    Summary: Ginny is getting married and Harry is supposed to help organise her wedding. What sounds like a complicated situation only gets worse when Harry walks into a Muggle shop and encounters one Draco Malfoy, pastry chef extraordinaire, who claims not to remember Harry, the Wizarding world, or even his own name.

  • Jul 29, 12

    Fae Knight!Harry (half human-half fae?), lonely!stuck-in-the-manor!Draco. Crazy and cold fairy queen, protective!Lucius/Narcissa of Draco, clandestine meetings in the rose gardens, memory loss because of fae enchantment, ethereal-looking!Harry with a sword, Harry teaching Draco how to wield a sword, gradual transition from secret friends to secret lovers. A very sweet story overall! Definitely a story I'd come back to read.. and re-read and then read again :D

    Summary: Walking through the woods, Draco finds someone who has no rights to be at Malfoy Manor. Someone who looks a lot like Harry Potter and claims that Draco is trespassing on the land of "the queen".

  • Jul 24, 12

    *Harry and gang in South America on a Horcrux hunt! Harry and creepy Voldy visions, cute blue-footed booby and a giant tortoise, birdy mating dance, seeing Draco Malfoy all over the place only to disappear a few seconds later into thin air, Draco can't remember his time while in Transfigured state (Transfiguration induced amnesia?), saving a tortoise, magical lake, H/D sexytimes, redeemed!lonely!yet-friendly!Draco

    Summary: Another Horcrux has been discovered. Harry, Ron and Hermione must travel half way across the world to find it. Destroying it will require the assistance of the most unlikely candidate.

  • Jul 24, 12

    *SO VERY KEWT!! ♥♥♥!!
    Drunk!Harry (in flashbacks) and a Honey-flavored!Draco. Hermione and Ginny organizing a kissing booth for Harry to find his kissy!honey-flavored!partner. Supportive!Ron. Frolicking in the Quidditch Pitch.

    Summary: From the prompt: Harry always enjoyed the taste of the people he kisses but he has never felt the spark the others describe. After the war there is a party at Hogwarts and he gets drunk, pushes someone he finds pretty against a wall and voila! An electrical current. Next morning he can't remember who that person is, but MUST find him or her again.

  • Jul 24, 12

    *Policeman slash Auror!Harry with amnesia. A mystery. Flashbacks with Draco in it. Pansy Parkinson. Fluffy happy ending.

    Summary: A series of mysteriously sealed-off homes stumps detective Harry Black, as do the recurring dreams of a tall blond with a white robe. There is something not quite right, and Harry, with his leather jacket and 1939 BSA motorbike is going to find out.

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