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Apple Ling's List: *AU (Alternate Universe)

  • Jul 01, 13

    *Cuteness!! Like WHOA!! ♥♥♥♥♥
    Non-magical AU. Super assistant/secretary!Draco. Cute Draco + Weasley bromance/friendship/hilarious boss+assistant (PR agency run by Augusta Longbottom) relationship. Draco's impeccable fashion taste (and the way he chooses his Weasley boss' clothes for him, because Weasley does not have a single fashion conscious bone in his body. That, and he kept staining his clothes with food stuff) Cute Draco + Pansy friendship (and gossip sessions) and the League of Snarky Secretaries. Cute toddler Teddy and big bro!Draco relationship. Andromeda dotes on Draco. Harry's love of all things coffee. Mean!Harry at first (but he has a very good reason for his asshole-ish behaviour, you'll see).

    Summary: Draco is Weasley’s assistant. Except for the week he’s not. Whose brilliant idea was that again? Featuring offices in Edinburgh, an epic Measley Bromance (that no one will admit exists), several unrequited crushes, fantastical revenge scenarios, coffee snobbery, the dreaded – yet adorable – toddler terror, promises of organ swapping, a play about Scottish history (no one cares), sequins, and the League of Snarky Secretaries!

  • Jun 15, 13

    *Non-magic AU. Prostitute!Draco, evil!Lucius, smitten!rich!Harry. Attempted non-con (Draco/OMC) and injuries from that attack.
    Alternate link:

    Summary: When Lucius found out that his son was gay, he sold him to Voldemort and cut off the family fortune. Harry finds him on the streets seven months after Draco is able to break free. Can he save the blond dragon?

  • May 19, 13

    *HBP 6th year. Harry and Draco stuck in an orphanage in an Alternate Reality, with other orphaned children... but Draco remembers everything about his Hogwarts days while Harry acts as if he doesn't remember. Featuring a fatherly!Snape who genuinely cares for Draco, an unusual Snitch and necklace with a 'protection' rune, Christmas in an orphanage, flashbacks of Draco's childhood where Lucius is a caring father. #Mostly pre-slash and a bit of kissy scenes :p

    Summary: Three Days before Christmas, Draco wakes up in a 1962 muggle children's home where he is told his parents have died. The only person he recognizes is Harry Potter, who claims to have no memory of Hogwarts or magic.

  • May 18, 13

    *AU from Book 4 onwards. Features cute big brother!Draco (Draco has an adorable younger sibling whom he dotes upon - a rather OOC!Draco but then again, almost everybody is OOC here, but not in a bad way). References to possible child abuse (the Malfoys, evil!abusive!Lucius). The Golden Trio befriends Draco and his little brother. Harry protects Draco's little brother from bullies. Playing Quidditch together, skating, swimming and generally hanging out together. Cute transition from (secret)friends to lovers.
    #Mostly pre-slash, some cute kissing :D

    Summary: "Great," said Malfoy, in disgust, "that's just great. That's the second time in so many days I've crashed at a sporting activity. I'm wearing a Weasley jumper of all bloody things. I'm skating with Harry Potter. And to cap it all off, I now have a wet arse. When did my life go so wrong?"

  • May 09, 13

    *Deliciously angsty but with a happy, fluffy ending! *loves* ♥♥♥♥♥
    Very unique and original plot when it comes to the clashing/merging of different Universes or Alternate Universes kind of plot. A nice blend of Potter-verse Epilogue compliant and a new Alternate Universe without Harry's existence (in which no one remembers Harry except for Draco). Basically, Draco realizes one morning that his entire universe has changed and that his best friend and the love of his life, Harry Potter no longer exists in his world and he wants some answers. Most of the Harry/Draco parts were told from Draco's flashbacks prior to the sudden plunge into an Alternate Universe. Contains Harry+Draco friendship in the Epilogue compliant world even though they both loved each other in secret (because they're both married with wives and children). Cute Scorpius. A teensy bit of Astoria bashing. Harry being blessed with the power of Old Magick. James and Lily Potter's (Harry's parents) sad, so very sad fate (Okay, I'll admit I find parts with James and Lily very painful to read *sniffles*). Warning for suicide but there's a happy ending for everybody, especially Harry and Draco. #No sex scenes

    Summary: One day, Draco woke up in a world where Harry Potter didn't exist.

  • Jan 23, 13

    *Non-magic AU. Victorian era. Author!Draco. Draco is the poster boy of the higher elitist society (and he calls himself a traditionalist), while Harry is from the common class who have successfully built his own reputation as the 'self made man'. Draco started off as complete berk: arrogant, selfish, and prejudiced towards those of the lower classes but then he gets nicer towards the end. Harry is brave and self-righteous, but also arrogant and demanding. Both traits, he honestly didn't realize he exhibits - or maybe he's so used to pushing Draco, thinking that Draco is wrong and therefore Draco must change (or least see things the way Harry does) that he simply didn't see that he's just as arrogant and demanding (and a little bit too self-righteous) as Draco. Draco is a berk but he's an honest berk (to Harry at least) and he never pretends to be otherwise. Elitist!Slytherins. Commoners!Gryffindors. Slytherin!bashing. # Basically Draco mocks Harry in his book, Harry retaliates and everything escalates from there. Plus, while digging up secrets to blackmail Draco with, Harry discovered that Draco is gay.... and to be gay at that time is a crime. Also, Harry wrote a book too. Happy Harry/Draco ending. #No sex scenes.

    Summary: It’s 1895, and in the Victorian society Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde existed in, Harry works hard to rise in society. When Draco ruins Harry's status, a battle of societies begins.

  • Jan 22, 13

    AU-ish. Hogwarts-years. Draco takes up a new subject during his last year at Hogwarts - he just needs a subject to draw a portrait of. Then, there's Harry who knows more about Draco than Draco knows himself. Lonely!Isolated!Draco because he feels people doesn't understand him. Equally lonely!Harry, but that's because people sees him as the Boy Who Lived and not Harry. #Mostly pre-slash, with a sweet kiss at the end.

    Summary: Draco POV. Features two lonely boys, and one art project.

  • Jan 20, 13

    *TOO EPIC FOR WORDS ♥♥♥♥♥♥ *flails*
    Mostly Epilogue compliant but with a clever magical twist! Harry works for Hermione in the Blood Reparations Department. Draco is a lonely recluse at first. Later on, Draco helps Harry with his work. There are 2 main plots that weaves around each other in this fic:
    Plot 1 - Draco is accused of murdering a muggleborn witch. Narcissa claims the life-debt Harry owes her and demands that Harry investigate the matter to prove Draco's innocence. Then, Pureblood supremacist groups and Muggleborn rights groups try to start a 3rd war. New evil mastermind called the Masked Lady.
    Plot 2: Harry can't stop having sexy dreams of an alternate life he has with Draco. Harry and Draco both have sexy visions of themselves as lovers in mirrors. Some powerful magical force is trying to force them together despite the marriage vows made to their respective wives. Also, the same powerful force kept hurting Draco and making Harry save him. Plus, Draco is compelled to save Harry a couple of times too.
    #Harry and Draco are both BAMF!Heros in this, although for the majority of the story Harry plays the Savior/Protector-role while Draco tries not to lean too heavily on Harry's strength and ability to save/protect/comfort him. Eventually Draco learns to save himself... and Harry. Ginny and Malfoy-wife bashing. Hermione's role is... divided between BAMF!Heroine and Cold Meddling Bitch (P.S. - I dislike Hermione a lot more than I dislike Ginny in this fic) throughout the story. Awesome!Narcissa. Life debts and marriage vows, the appearance of dragons and zombies, Draco's extreme claustrophobia, near drowning, near fatal overdose on a potion, a cuddly Scorpius who's almost always glued to Draco like a clingy cute koala, an equally cuddly kidlet!Albus Severus, Harry's Guardian Angel owl, a teensy bit of Harry/Draco/Ginny love triangle, metal-cased dead Malfoy ancestors, violence and torture. Also, cute Scorpius + Albus Severus kiddie friendship (all the children are tiny kidlets in this piece) *coos* Happy Harry/Draco ending.

    Summary: Harry is too busy ten years after the war to help out just one family, but that's exactly what he has to do. And as he hunts their enemy, magic no one understands is hunting him.

  • Jan 18, 13

    Non-magical AU with Ron as the class bully instead of Draco. Kiddies!Harry and Draco... and everyone else. Draco is the new kid, tiny and arrogant and he loves maths (Harry hates maths) and he's brilliant at vocabulary.... and he defends Harry, but is rather bad at making friends because of his arrogance (LOL!). Cutest fluffiest ending! Pre-slash.

    Summary; Father's Day isn't any fun if you haven't got a father. Harry knows all about not having fun.

  • Dec 20, 12

    *Blending of different timelines (alternate universes) that's meant to give Harry and Dumbledore different choices about certain life-altering events. In each universe, Harry and Draco are meant to be together ♥. Alive!James/Lily and Sirius/Remus at one point. Major character deaths in one of the different universes (but don't worry, they come back alive later). Cute blue baby owl as Harry's pet. Harry is also a black cat animagus :D

    Summary: Teddy meant well. He just wanted to give Harry the same thing he always wanted...parents. Unspeakable Teddy Lupin comes across a scroll with the Potter seal on it. The only problem is that he found it in a birdcage resting on a cloud high up in the sky.

  • Dec 13, 12

    Post-Hogwarts AU/AR-ish. Veela!Genius!Draco. Starts with H/D in a magical university as students, roommates, best friends and ex-lovers (then gradually becoming more as lovers as the story progresses). Time-travel back to ages ago - steampunk feel. Lots of cute H/D banter, snarkery, humour and the boys being all touchy-feely with each other... but as slightly-more-than-friends-but-not-lovers. Rooming together. Getting drunk together. Working for Clockmaker!Snape together in what appears to be Snape's (clock) shop: Draco as Snape's apprentice of sorts and helps with making watches while Snape makes Harry do all sorts of house-elf-ish jobs. Smart!Cunning!Manipulative!Draco who is the (super pretty) hero in this story, and this time Harry's mostly the 'sidekick' slash overprotective ex-boyfriend. Cool steampunk/time travel inspired creatures: Hounds of Tindalos. Special time-travelling pocket watches. References to Draco being vulnerable only to Harry because he is in love with Harry (plus being a Veela and all that). Oh, and Harry's cat. #No penetrative sex (but there are lots of kissy moments and groping sessions :D)

    Summary: When an antique pocketwatch sends Harry and Draco back in time, they must work together if they've any hope of returning home.

  • Dec 07, 12

    *Cute!! Exactly what the summary says LOL :D #Hogwarts years (AU and Crack-ish) and no sex

    Summary: Draco's been known to stretch the truth, but this time he goes too far: the whole school thinks he's dating Harry Potter. Harry tries to quash the rumors, Hermione counsels him on his sexuality, and he might just have the teeniest crush on Draco Malfoy.

  • Dec 01, 12

    Non-magical AU. Harry and Draco meeting as kids in one of the fancy parties Draco's family throws and... let's just say both made quite an impression on the other that turns into an obsession (especially on Draco's part). Story told from Draco's pov as he desperately tries to get Harry's attention (any which way he could get it, including bullying the Golden Trio). The adorable part is that Draco is absolutely shit at making friends, the poor unsociable darling and constantly makes a mess out of things. But Harry, thank god, isn't too oblivious and eventually he learns to understand Draco (and the way Draco!logic works), they becomes friends and eventually more. Their friendship involves lots of sneaking about the school for chats, playing games (soccer) and generally just hanging about together. Mostly preslash but it gets uber cutetastic and kissy towards the end. Harry's still an absolute Gryffindor in everything he does, and Draco, a true Slytherin.

    Summary: It was the classic story of star-crossed lovers, retold time and time again over the centuries, but Draco didn't see why that meant that they couldn't make it work, this time.

  • Nov 22, 12

    *OMG THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS FIC!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Sequel to "Paradox" from HD BigBang Erised (and omg that one's awesome too!)
    WAR!FIC that is an alternate verse to DH (compliant to DH events in some places, filling up the blanks in others and sometimes a little bit different) but this time, through Draco's pov. Horcrux Hunt Camp with Draco in tow (but isn't privy to most of the Golden Trio's plans because Harry wants to protect him, among other reasons). Sexytimes in the middle of war! Torture and violence. Draco being a prat most of the time but this time a protective prat (of Harry and he might have denied it, but Draco's protective of Hermione too). Draco gradually losing his memory of the time Before the Time Travel. Also, Draco lies about his feelings and his true allegiance to Harry most of the time out of insecurity, I guess (but he definitely is on Harry's side). #Lots of sexytimes but with only two graphic penetrative sex scenes - one Bottom!Draco and the other Bottom!Harry

    Summary: Just because Draco's somehow gotten himself involved in Potter's suicide mission to defeat the Dark Lord doesn't mean he has to go quietly and actually act like a Gryffindor fool. And sure, he and Potter have some sort of relationship going on, but Draco's still a Slytherin, and he's going to bring his own brand of cunning to this cockamamy fool camping trip Potter's gone and got himself stuck in trying to save the world from evil lockets, gingers, and badly cooked food.

  • Oct 22, 12

    *Career Choices: Harry - rugby player, Draco - PA/Harry's publicist. Cute! Harry tries to woo an oblivious!Draco. Also, best friend!Pansy and a very supportive!Ron

    Summary: When they made it through this unscathed, Draco was going to kill his boss…

  • Oct 14, 12

    *Career Choices: Draco: Grifter (Thief), Harry: Bounty Hunter ♥♥♥ Possibly one of the most creative and original fics I've read in a long time!! And adorably romantic :D
    (Partially magical) AU. Contains Frenchaccent!Draco, often mistaken as an American!Harry. (Not quite)Robin Hood-esque!Draco. Harry waking up with sticky post-its, handcuffs and a delicious warm (and blond) weight on his stomach. Draco and his hats. Hermione and little blond girl. Ron and secretary Blaise. Scottish and Irish mobsters. Lots of action/adventure scenes. Lots of ust. Lots of yum.

    Summary: Wednesday morning, 10:00 a.m., Musée du Louvre; the open exhibit of Leonardo da Vinci is suffused with smoke. Sully Wing Security has shut down the La Chapelle Exhibition Hall and ushered the public out, holding them on the ground floor. Security is praised when the smoke clears and everything is still in place. Crisis averted. Later, when they notice the young man on the security cameras exiting through the Pyramid with a casual grace and a small black canvas bag, they call the Police Nationale...

  • Sep 04, 12

    *Non-magical AU. This is a treesome fic and NOT a love triangle. Threesome: Snape/Harry-sandwiched-in-the-middle/bottom!Draco. Established Harry/Draco relationship

    Summary: When Harry meets another man, Draco decides to go along for the ride.

  • Sep 03, 12

    *LOL! SO CUTE AND FLUFFY!! *melts* ♥♥♥♥♥
    Harry and Draco as dinosaurs - Draco got into a little spot of trouble - Harry comes looking for sweet little dinosaur-in-distress!Draco

    Summary: In which Draco has feathers, Harry has a hard head, and they're both oversized reptiles who like to argue and flirt at the same time

  • Aug 29, 12

    *Substitute-for-Death!Harry, Death victim!Draco. Passing mention of Draco's murder. Don't worry about Draco being 'dead' though... Harry saves him in the end. Oh, and Draco owns a very protective peacock for a pet :D

    Summary: When Harry united the Deathly Hallows, he created a debt to Death. Now Death is calling that debt in. But how does Draco Malfoy fit into all of this?

  • Aug 24, 12

    *SO, SO, SOOOO GOOD!! ♥♥♥♥♥!!
    Re-telling of all the 7 Potter books through time-travelling and Draco's memories in a Pensieve. Entirely Draco-centric as he goes back in time to change his past but things didn't quite work the way he wanted. Slytherin!Harry. Best friends Harry and Draco (both in Slytherin) while Harry's also best friends with Ron/Hermione (both R/Hr aren't close to Draco but they tolerated him because Harry cares for him). Harry and Draco grow up together and gradually fall in love with the other. A bit of Harry/Cho (Draco gets jealous) and Draco/Blaise kissy dare (Harry gets jealous). Draco comforts Harry after every nightmarish Voldie episode. Harry's obsession with Draco all through HBP - this time it's because he knows Draco's hurting but is worried because Draco won't tell him why. Draco being kind-ish to house elves. Draco rebels against Voldie and got marked with a painful scar that isn't the Dark Mark to signify his rebellion. Draco saves Harry despite Harry's attempts to hide Draco away to keep him safe. (Temporary) major character death - no one really died because Draco went back through time to change history. This is cute (omg the childish kisses Harry smacks on Draco when they were kids!!), flangsty, lots of drama but most importantly canon-like ♥. 100% bottom!Draco

    Summary: The war is about to end but Draco Malfoy isn't happy with the final turn of events. He alters the past and finds out how things could have been. However, was all of this meant to be, and can Draco really solve his problems with dark magic?

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