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Anne .'s List: Credit Flexibility

  • Must-must-must-see Resources

  • Oct 25, 09

    Same as Hippocampus, but I prefer the NROC layout of lessons.

    Fabulous FREE high-school- and college-level core courses.

    Some have video segments for lessons. Includes assignments and exams (but answer keys too).

    Look at syllabus for each course to find a selection of textbooks to which the course is aligned. Precise reading assignments for the different textbooks for each lesson are provided.

    Gradually adding Spanish language versions of courses.


  • Oct 25, 09

    Same content as NROC with different layout of lessons. Also includes a few subject "mini-sites" (not much) and a page that instructors can customize. This site has advertising, unlike NROC.

    Fabulous FREE high-school- and college-level core courses.

    Some have video segments for lessons. Includes assignments and exams (but answer keys too).

    Look at syllabus for each course to find a selection of textbooks to which the course is aligned. Precise reading assignments for the different textbooks for each lesson are provided.

    Gradually adding Spanish language versions of courses.


  • Mar 11, 09

    Great online math courses for grades 3-12. Not ultra-fancy but only $40 per calendar year if ordered by a school. ($20 per month individuals.) Pretests students, who work only on concepts not yet mastered, then go on to the next level. Awesome option for subject acceleration. Not accredited--school must grant credit. Alignment to state standards on web site.

    Some college level courses.

  • Miscellaneous

  • Oct 10, 09

    Florida Virtual School and Michingan Virtual School both offer Conspiracy Code, a full high school American History course in video game format

  • Oct 10, 09

    A Michigan Virtual School based opportunity for students to do guided independent study research

    $370 per semester for non-residents of MI

  • Jun 25, 09


    ACE provides an official transcript to participants who successfully complete a course, examination or certification that has an ACE credit recommendation. Organizations with credit recommendations can be viewed in the ACE National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training. (We do not evaluate prior learning or experience nor transfer credit from other higher education transcripts.)

    If you are new to the ACE Transcript Service, access the CREDIT Online Transcript System and complete the necessary information for NEW REGISTRATION.
    * You will receive an automatically generated email to inform you that your record has been established.
    * After your record is established, you may use the CREDIT Online Transcript System using your unique ID (usually your social security number but may be an ID assigned by your organization) and last name to request a transcript.
    * This site will allow you to pay the registration fee to join the ACE Transcript Service, view your record, and order transcripts. The fee for establishing the record which includes the first transcript is $40.00. Subsequent transcripts are $15.00 each.

  • Jun 25, 09

    Scroll down to Ohio

    get transcript credit, transferrable to colleges on this list, for ALEKS advanced courses

    Verify with individual colleges

  • Mar 11, 09

    Find online courses offered at all Ohio state-supported colleges

  • Jul 13, 09

    StraighterLine provides high quality, better supported, and lower cost required college courses - online, on your schedule.

    You can knock out your required courses here with personal, on-demand instruction and earn real college credits that give you a head start on your degree. Start the following courses as soon as you want:

    Introductory Algebra, College Algebra, Precalculus, Business Statistics, Developmental Writing, English Composition I, English Composition II, Economics I, Economics II, Accounting I and Accounting II

    The point we're trying to make is that taking general education, required college courses just became A LOT more affordable.

    StraighterLine introduces a new program that offers you access to ANY and ALL StraighterLine courses. We call it: StraighterLine for $99!

    For $99 per month you:

    * Get access to ALL current and ANY NEW COURSES that StraighterLine adds --BUT ONLY ONE COURSE AT A TIME (see below)
    * Get 10 Hours of 1-on-1 instructional support (use it however YOU want)
    * Have no time limit--go as fast or slow as you want
    * Pick from several colleges who will award you real college credit from that school --READ FINE PRINT CAREFULLY --high schools can still accept completion as demonstration of high school mastery, if they choose
    * Get your very own Course Advisor--a real person, with a real phone number, who will help you get the credits you've earned

    StraighterLine for $99 explained:

    * 10 hours of 1-on-1 instructional support from SMARTHINKING provided with the first payment --DOES THIS MEAN NOT 10 HOURS FOR EACH MONTHLY PAYMENT OF $99?
    * Take only one course at a time, move on the next course after completing the last
    * Payments are automatically billed once per month, every 28 days after the initial purchase
    * Monthly subscription fee is not refundable once billed, but you may cancel at any time prior to the day that your next billing will process
    * You must email your Course Advisor to request cancellation
    * Progress ac

  • Jul 11, 09

    Apparently some new initiative that amount to small groups of students working online with a mentor in math or a foreign language--still kind of a mystery to me.

    math is Free for 2009-10

    globally benchmarked mathematics education for students in specific Grades in thousands of locations

    Also offering Russian, Chinese, and Spanish (fee)

    Note the quote:
    “Mathematically gifted students with sufficient motivation appear to be able to learn mathematics much faster than students proceeding through the curriculum at a normal pace, with no harm to their learning, and should be allowed to do so.”
    Who knew???

  • Aug 15, 09

    Interactive bullet points on rationale for and execution of credit flex

    created by Lauren Angelone of ODE


  • Independent Study

    Full-course resources but with no credit awarded

  • Mar 28, 09


    This could be a semester course for advanced math students:

    From Annenberg, Mathematics Illuminated is a thirteen-part series designed for adult learners and high school teachers but good for gifted learners looking for depth and enrichment in math. The series explores major themes in the field of mathematics, from humankind's earliest study of prime numbers, to the cutting-edge mathematics used to reveal the shape of the universe.

    Videos can be viewed online. Support materials include facilitator guides (which may need to be culled or tweaked for students) and interactives at the course web site.


  • Aug 05, 09

    demo course is a COMPLETE PERSONAL FINANCE COURSE (read: independent study), except for exams and discussion board participants

  • Jun 06, 09

    Local school must grant credit

    Tuition is $125 plus a $15 non-refundable processing fee per course. An additional $25 fee is charged for foreign language courses.

    You have nine months from the date of registration to complete a course. For an additional fee, you may receive a one-time, three-month extension, allowing up to one year to complete the course.

    Offers several lab science courses:
    10A. Basic Earth Science with Lab
    10B. Basic Earth Science with Lab
    9A. Biology with Lab
    9B. Biology with Lab
    Fundamental Ecology with Lab
    Fundamentals of Genetics with Lab

    Some really cool electives like Global Climate Change, Paleontology, Oceanography, Fantasy and Science Fiction Literature, Mexican Folklore, Italian, and German.


  • Jun 11, 09

    Free synchronous weekly online courses

    On a semester schedule

    See preview for current course offerings

    Lots of Christian-oriented courses but secular ones as well
    Standard math offerings

    Can preview a class

    Headphones and mic allow student to interact

  • Oct 08, 09

    Semester courses and 4-week workshops

    Lukeion Languages
    * Latin 1
    * Latin 2
    * Latin 3
    * Greek 1
    * Greek 2

    Mythology in Classical Literature
    Roman History
    Greek and Latin Word Roots
    Seminar on Research Writing at the College Level

    4-week special interest workshops

    Classes are synchronous but recorded for later access

    $269 per semester course
    $54 per workshop

  • Mar 23, 09


    Check out pre-tests for placement help

    Art of Problem Solving online classes allow top students from around the world to hone their problem solving skills. Ideal for gifted math students in grade 6-12 who seek a greater challenge in mathematics, and those students preparing for MATHCOUNTS, the AMC, or other prominent mathematics contests.

    Fees start at ~$200 for semester courses


  • Mar 11, 09

    Very inexpensive ($70/semster, $90 for AP) high school level courses; \nnot accredited--school must grant credit\nAP offerings (email Center for current selection)\n\nnote that French, German, Spanish are "reading approach only"

  • Sep 14, 09

    On its home site, Thinkwell has a conversion chart for HS and college courses to their Thinkwell equivalents\n\nAll but beginning algebra are considered college level (intermediate and college algebra are identical)\n$80-$100 for year-long courses


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