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alaric hunter's List: Term 11: Geo-Technology

    • Definition of GEOTECHNOLOGY

      : the application of scientific methods and engineering techniques to the exploitation and utilization of natural resources (as mineral resources)
    • Geotechnology is a specialist geotechnical and environmental practice offering technical expertise to a range of clients, including governmental organisations, consulting engineers, industrial corporations and commercial developers. Our staff are accomplished, knowledgeable geotechnical and environmental specialists with many years of worldwide experience, providing approachable friendly advice whatever the project size.


      Geotechnology strives to advance its service through a combination of an ISO 9001 Quality Management System and a commitment to staff development. We take our environmental influence seriously and manage it through an ISO 14001 system. Geotechnology prides itself on providing reliable, trustworthy, competent advisors to assist clients deal with technical issues from the ground surface down.  

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