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Anne Bubnic's List: Data/NSDC Articles on Data Assessment

  • Aug 17, 08

    Coaching moves beyond the gym. Assessment without victims: An interview with Rick Stiggins. [Journal of Staff Development]

  • Aug 17, 08

    There's a ton of data being collected. The trick is to know how to use it effectively. [Journal of Staff Development].

  • Aug 17, 08

    Article by Rick Stiggins [Journal of Staff Development]. Assessment FOR learning rather than assessment OF learning helps students succeed.

    • Without question, assessment remains among the very hottest topics in school improvement. High-stakes state accountability assessments and adequate yearly progress continue to represent the driving forces of school improvement these days. But, as accountability systems evolve, attention to this topic has turned in an interesting direction. Educators have concluded that testing once a year does not provide sufficient evidence to inform many crucial, more frequently made instructional decisions, which has generated renewed interest in formative assessment.
    • ormative assessment as defined by the test publishers has taken on a narrow meaning. In this context, it refers to a system of more frequent summative assessments administered at regular intervals (often quarterly) to determine which students have not yet met state standards - an early warning system, if you will.

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  • May 01, 08

    Journal of Staff Development. New routes open when one type of data crosses another. As educators become more familiar with collecting and interpreting school data, they can begin "running data at each other," framing questions that require analysis of multiple types of information. Educators can cross two, three, and four categories of data in ways that can provide new insight into student learning and how to improve it.

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