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Adam Bohannon's List: Social Media Marketing

    • the online study found that 72 percent of respondents used social media to research a company's reputation for customer care before making a purchase, and 74 percent choose to do business with companies based on the customer care experiences shared by others online.
    • 59 percent said they regularly use social media to "vent" about their customer care frustrations, suggesting that consumers looking to make a purchase decision first wade through a mass of negative commentary.

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  • Apr 23, 08

    ocial Media. Facebook. Twitter. MySpace. Special interest newsgroups. Everywhere you look these words have replaced the traditional language of communications and marketing. "Everyone" needs to be using "new media" but the fact is that few companies truly know what that means or how to do it well.

    • In the United States, $21.1 billion was spent on online advertising last year, up from $16.9 billion in 2006, according to eMarketer. Search advertising — Google’s stronghold — is the majority of that spending, according to Jeffrey Lindsay, an analyst at Sanford Bernstein.
    • Numerous studies have shown that peer recommendation of the type embodied in many blogs consistently receive much higher credibility ratings when compared to normal advertising channels.
    • the company has created a branded widget that soon-to-be mothers can use to count down due dates, and that can be easily embedded on a local desktop or on the Web in the Facebook or MySpace pages of its consumers.

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    • According to analyst firm IDC, the online advertising segment grew 27% in 2007, and yet when considering if and when to invest in online marketing efforts, many manufacturers go through a litany of excuses.
    • "If your company doesn't have an online presence that can easily be found in search engines, product review sites, industry Web sites and user forums, you can be assured that these searchers will find one of your competitors," warns Komack. "Even if you're already well entrenched with a customer, your lack of online presence has just given a competitor a window of opportunity to establish a dialogue that may eventually lead to a shift by your customer to that other vendor."

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    • the goal is to establish long-term relationships with your customers -- and that's what bloggers are: your customers.
    • It's about the relationship over time, not overnight. Do you want a one-night stand, or a commitment? If you want a commitment, take the time to get to know them.

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    • Asian markets (not including Japan) are leading in terms of participation, creating more content than any other region
    • sian markets (not including Japan) are leading in terms of participation, creating more content than any other region

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    • "The move toward social media is as big a change as Gutenberg and the printing press," said Karl Long, a product manager at Nokia. "Social media is the ability for anyone to publish anything without any cost."
    • Panelists said the social media sites are changing communications.

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    • According to the survey - brand familiarity clearly affects teens’ choices as consumers. Moreover - yesterday’s leading brands are still hot today:
    • 74% reported that familiar brands guide their purchasing decisions.
    • Google has already been selling mobile text ads through its cost-per-click AdSense program, which it is now expanding to offer contextually targeted graphical banners, formatted to fit within the constraints of the mobile browser.
    • Nevertheless, Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone has shown that with a decent screen size and intuitive navigation, U.S. consumers will use their phones for activities other than talk and text messaging. Google is hoping that efforts such as its own Android initiative will lead to a new generation of handheld devices that help the mobile Web live up to its promise.

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    • Wolfe's three laws of the brave new Web 2.0 world are: Mobile is the new desktop, the home page is dead, and social networks like Facebook and MySpace presage the media company of the future.
    • No one, and I can't stress this enough, gives a shit about your brand. They care about what user experience you deliver to them. This obtains whether you're in the physical world selling a product, or online serving up content.

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    • So what’s the difference between branding fifty years ago and today? What’s the most important factor for successful brand building? One word, relationships. That’s right, relationships. It’s not about how many people you reach, how many impressions you get, or how many times your commercial plays on the television. It’s about the conversations you are having with people, it’s about the relationships you are building. Your customers are your friends, treat them as such.  Your brand should be a massive relationship builder.  Branding is becoming less and less about sitting behind your computer and writing press releases.  Branding is becoming more about in person interaction, about face to face contact, and about one-to-one marketing.
    • A definite step in the right direction for the company, with actual employees communicating about their individual areas of interest, with minimal company shilling taking place.
    • The bold TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the blog also state: "McDonald's owns any comments or other content that you post on this site. That means that McDonald's has the right to make, have made, offer for sale, use, sell, copy, distribute, perform, transmit, display, modify, adapt and otherwise use your submission(s) throughout the world in perpetuity in any manner that it sees fit without compensation to you. McDonald's also has the right to use your name in connection with any use of your submissions."  This is not the best method to develop trust and a long-term relationship with a customer.

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