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Adam Bohannon's List: Language Revitalization Resources

    • two types of language  use, primary and secondary discourse
    • Total Physical Response teaching techniques

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  • Feb 02, 09

    The First Peoples' Heritage, Language and Culture Council is a British Columbia crown agency founded in 1990 to revitalize First Nations heritage, language and culture in the province.

  • Feb 02, 09

    Public Law 101-477 October 30, 1990
    Title I -- Native American Languages Act

  • Feb 03, 09

    Yabla Interactive develops cutting-edge multimedia technologies designed with language learning and media localization in mind. Further, Yabla develops products which expoit these technologies by blending them with authentic television, film and music in a variety of languages, providing non-natives with effective, content-driven acquisition experiences that are enjoyably pursued on a regular basis.

    • video has been shown to result in a significantly higher rate of acquisition than mere still image audio accompaniments.
    • Susan Penfield, of the UA department of English has devoted more than 30 years of her professional life to working with endangered languages. More recently, she has been the principle investigator in a project funded since January 2003 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to train tribal members in the use of selected technologies that support language revitalization.
    • While the preservation of native languages ultimately rests with the members of the tribes themselves, Penfield and a group of specialists from the UA have initiated a project to train tribal members from the CRIT communities in the use of computer software and other technologies to help tribal members in this task.

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  • Feb 03, 09

    Indian kids will soon have a Super Mario-like character of their own to guide through an array of digital puzzles and game landscapes. But instead of a character who looks like the mustached Italian plumber, made popular from appearances in dozens of Nintendo offerings, a new video game created by a Native-owned company will feature tribal characters speaking a variety of Indian languages.

    • The game, called RezWorld, is billed as the first fully immersive 3-D interactive video game that can help young Indians learn to speak their own languages via a unique speech recognition component.
    • Much like the popular mainstream Sims virtual-world computer games, the high-tech product allows players to interact with “intelligent virtual humans” that recognize players’ gestures and social behavior as they navigate their own Indian-looking characters through the game.

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  • Feb 03, 09

    Immersive simulations of real life social communication. Interactive 3D video games involving spoken dialogs and cultural protocols with “socially intelligent virtual humans”

  • Feb 03, 09

    This paper describes critical areas in which technology plays a role in language and culture revitalization and explores efforts made by Indigenous communities to preserve, maintain and revitalize their Indigenous language with the help of computer technology.

    • The most ambitious effort in this regard is the creation of the Leokï (Powerful Voice) Bulletin Board System, believed to be one of the first BBS's in the world entirely in an indigenous language
    • Leokï was created in 1995 by the Hale Kuamo�o Hawaiian language curriculum office at the University of Hawai�i at Hilo. Its purpose is to provide online support for Hawaiian language use in the immersion schools and the broader community. Among the other features of Leokï (which will be discussed below) is a section called Noi�i Nowelo (Search for Knowledge), where traditional Hawaiian stories and songs are published, as well as 19th century newspaper articles.

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