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Questions for Discussing Writing

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Questions for directing discussion


More than just paper, pencil, & words on a page... what constitutes "writing"?

What is the value of writing?

What evidence is there that writing needs improvement?

What strategies do you use to improve writing abilities?

Do teachers need to write themselves in order to teach writing?

What conditions are needed for writers to grow? (time, choice, writing must be personal, purpose, social component of writing...)

Is it possible to “teach” or foster a lifelong love of writing?


How to structure the ideal conference in terms of time, roles (of writer, audience) etc...

How do you teach students to give each other constructive feedback for growth in writing? (How do you help students become good at conferring)


How do we help students “dig up” the stories that live inside them? (Very similar to Q5)

What approaches are effective for teaching writing, at what levels? (Writer’s workshop, guided writing, etc.)

What are the essential components of a Writer’s Workshop?

Do you use Writer’s Notebook in your class? Please describe/explain

Is Writer’s Notebook appropriate for upper grades (where more structured writing is required)?

Is a formulaic approach to writing appropriate for certain types of learners? (eg. Step Up to Writing - Green-Yellow-Red)

What are effective strategies to teach the art of revision?

Do partner/group collaborations work?

Catering to diverse student needs

What tech tools are available to help students who struggle in various areas of writing? (content, organization, language & mechanics)

How do you motivate reluctant writers?

Writing for an audience

How do you ensure students have opportunities for purposeful writing for an authentic audience?

Should writing for a public audience (eg. blogging) be process- or product oriented? Ok to publish work that still needs revision?

Writing across the curriculum

How much “place” should writing take up in the content areas?

What are specific strategies to teach writing in the content areas?

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