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You must have created an account and joined most instagram followers with the hope that you would get followers and likes to your posts. But you find that it is not the case and you still do not have the figures of followers increasing. You need not panic. This social networking tool is growing popular with its visual content and will become a powerful marketing platform. The word “like” is has become a style popularized by Facebook but is also being used herein the shared content. Like here means that you acknowledge seeing the picture. Here in this platform the word like also means people appreciating the image you have pinned and they are likely to share it and it would spread around giving a boost to your business. When you have a good number of followers you stand to benefit in your business. But, getting a sizeable number of followers in Instagram is time consuming and slow which is not good in business sense. Buying followers you get instant boost by way of more audience. Secondly with each follower, you get exposure in his network as when likes your photo it is exposed to all in his network. This leads to multiplying your product among the network. At Instagram, you can personalize your brand. You could put up your office pictures or share pictures of how you operate. Your followers would get an inside view of your operation style and they could talk about it among their network. Start liking others photos and leave good comments that would catch their attention. If you do this with people who are not in your circle, they too would get interested in wanting to see your photos and would reciprocate with their likes. With the help of Instagram, you can also share the pictures on other platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. You just have to connect your account and you will be able to share any kind of stuff directly without opening your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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Twitter Makes Sending DMs to Companies Easier

Since its launch, buy real twitter followers has provided customers and brands with a unique opportunity to interact with one another. It did impose some limitations on private communications, though. Both parties had to follow each other in order to send and respond to direct messages, or DMs. On top of that, there was a 140-character limit on DMs, which made it virtually impossible for brands and customers to communicate effectively. They had to send out countless messages in order to get their points across to one another. This was incredibly frustrating, and a waste of time. Now, though, that has changed. Twitter has lifted the character limit and people can opt in to send and receive messages from others, regardless of whether they are following the person or brand or not. While some brands are hitting the ground running, it is best to proceed with caution. Incorporate a strategy so you use this new feature to your advantage instead of annoying your customers.

A lot of brands think they are open for business on the direct messaging front, but they don’t have the feature enabled. If you fail to enable this feature, people will look at your brand in a negative light. They will think that you don’t want to interact with the public, which will hurt your sales. If you want to get the most out of this new feature, open your inbox up for your customer service team. People don’t want to call into 1-800 numbers anymore. They don’t like waiting around and they don’t want to talk to people when they can type out their problems. At the same time, they don’t want to send an email and then wait for days to get a response. They also don’t like the automated responses that are part of so many email programs. You can fix this issue by opening up your DMs to your customer service team. Then, customers can send direct messages about issues that are too sensitive for the public. Just make sure you respond quickly. If you do not offer quick responses, you will lose the magic of Twitter. At that point, you might as well just set up a 1-800 number and handle your customers in an old school way. Speed is everything on Twitter.

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