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A gentleman’s guide to right sunglasses

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What are the modern accessories that complete a gentleman? There are watches and belts, but the most essential one which defines his style is his pair of sunglasses. Undoubtedly, a man is not complete without his perfect pair of eyewear. Besides keeping out the destructive UV rays, they make a man rise among his peers in terms of style and fashion.


But how to choose the right frame? From the shape of your face to the colour of your hair, choosing the right frame is the most difficult part. The following guide will try to address the issue for you.


Match your face with the frames


The shape of your face is one of the biggest factors to look into while searching for perfect frames.


·        Square face:  It is defined with a strong jawline, wide cheekbones and square chin. Round and oval frames go best with this shape. For the people who have particularly strong features, the bigger the frame is,the better it is. For those with subtle faces smaller or medium frames are best suited. Avoid geometric shaped frames, as they will exaggerate the already angular qualities of a square face.


·        Round face: It is defined with rounded cheeks, few angles and a rounder chin. Angular and geometric frames can sharpen features and compliment a round face. The idea here is to create as much definition of the face as possible. Avoid round frames that imitate your face shape.


·        Oblong face: Here the face is longer than its width. High cheekbones, longer nose and a tall forehead define this shape. Round or square frames will work well here. Aviator style frames are also a good option.


·        Diamond face: It has a narrow eye and jaw line, a small forehead, intense cheekbones, and lanky features. Rimless styles and oval frames are well suited for this shape as they highlight the cheekbones.


·        Oval face: It is defined by a facial structure which is of balanced proportions, a chin slightly narrow than the fore head and high cheekbones. Most frames suit well with this shape. Try to avoid large frames as they tend to make the face appear smaller.


·        Heart face:It is defined by broad forehead, small chin, and wide cheekbones. Round frames are best suited for this shape.


Research before you buy


Try to do as much research before you go to buy your sunglasses. Test the different frames available in the shop and see what suits you the best. Now that you know the face shapes, it will not be difficult for you to get the best frame.


Consider your skin tone


Your skin tone and hair colour plays a great role in choice of your sunglasses. In case you have a lighter skin tone, go for the brighter and bold shades which will compliment you. For the darker skin tones, the lighter shades go well.


Although it is a difficult task to find your perfect pair of sunglasses, but it is a journey worth taking. Spend quality time in searching for your pair and when your acquire them flaunt them with style.

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