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Note : Dubai Desert Safari Rates

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Note : Dubai Desert Safari Rates

Dubai is one of the most visited tourist attraction in the world. The high buildings, artificial islands and lavish hotels have a huge part to play in that but one of the biggest fascination in Dubai is its Desert Safaris. In this article, we shall look into different Dubai Desert Safari Rates. Now, the organizers of Desert Safari offer different packages which include different activities and the Dubai Desert Safari Rates are dependent on these packages.The Desert Safari Rates in Dubai also depend upon the type of safari whether it is dune bashing, cross country or any other. Some companies offer the tourists, an informative trip around Dubai and charge for it as well. Others include on the spot fun activities like belly dancing and charge for that. So Dubai Desert Safari Rates vary from company to company. The rates of Desert Safari in Dubai are mentioned in US Dollars which make it easy for the foreigners to pay. Some companies also kick in some new activities like a Barbeque dinner at the same Dubai Desert Safari Rates to attract more customers. Cross Country is the most expensive type of ride and has the highest rates in Dubai Desert Safari. The reason for that is the more time consumption and a consequently, fuel charges. Other factors which affect the Dubai desert safari rates are the location of the site and vehicle used for the ride. If the location is nearer to the city, companies charge more. The time of safari is also a telling factor in determining the Dubai desert safari rates. Taking a ride during peak times (6pm up to midnight) proves to be more costly as compared to day timings. For overnight desert safari, the type of suite selected to stay also effects the desert safari rates in Dubai. A very prominent package is one which covers from dune bashing ride to the dinner for which, the desert safari rates in Dubai are just 109 US Dollars. Another well-known package with low Dubai desert safari rates is that which offers a belly dance, a safari ride and camel riding, and charges just 124 US dollars.Some organizers also offer to pick and drop a customer from anywhere in Dubai and adds just a little bit to the Dubai desert safari rates. Some multi-day safaris include a cruise coupled with a safari ride. A company offering such a package has the desert safari rates in Dubai of just 137 US dollars. The Dubai Desert safari rates are observed by the authorities throughout the year which is a huge reason for them being available for comparatively low costs. Even though, the Dubai desert safari rates are a little bit higher as compared to anywhere else in the world, the facilities they offer more than make up for that. For those people who cannot afford general Dubai desert safari rate, there is an offer which only includes side services and charge less than half the original price. On the whole, the desert safari rates in Dubai are very reasonable once you consider all the facilities they offer and it is not hard to deduce that you get the best value for your money as well.

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