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Buying a second hand Alfa Romeo, do I need car warranty?

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Buying a used car is a risky decision albeit its cost saving benefits. Used cars cost less but buyers have to take some calculated risks that might or might not pay off. Although there are a number of checks that can ascertain the roadworthy value of used cars, it cannot be relied upon with closed eyes because there are a number of uncertainties about used cars that arise from unknown history of the car that you buy. To mitigate the risks and enjoy better value for money, it is a norm for used car buyers to bank on car warranty.  No matter how reputed the brand may be, once the car becomes second hand, its evaluation parameters are the same in the eyes of buyers. This is no exception for second hand Alfa Romeo cars as warranty coverage enhances the value of the car and it is worth paying an extra bit of money for it instead of chasing a bargain.

Warranty options

Used cars and warranties might sound a bit queer because only new cars have warranties – at least that is what we all know. In fact, only manufacturers are entitled to offer car warranties as they are like parents to the cars that they give birth to. No other entity is rightfully entitled to take the onus of warranty. But in order to gain customer confidence in the used car market there is a provision of getting pre-owned cars approved by sellers like the Alfa Romeo. Approved used car program which is not a warranty but an assurance that can be loosely used to gain confidence in the car that you buy. Of course, it can give some peace of mind but not the benefits of warranty.

Types of warranty for used cars

It does not mean that used cars with manufacturer’s warranty are not at all available. There are three types of warranties for used cars that you can choose from.

  • Residual manufacturer warranty - The average duration of manufacturer’s warranty is 3 years together with a window of distance driven which is usually 60,000 miles and warranties are usually transferable. If you buy a second hand car within the warranty period you can enjoy the residual period of warranty that is available.  It can include bumper to bumper warranty as well as power train warranty.
  • Dealership warranty - Used cars sold through dealerships are accompanied by warranty provided by the dealership. These are not as much valuable as the manufacturer’s warranty but nevertheless provide ample coverage for repairs that quite assuring for buyers. Such warranty is not transferable and usually has 12 month tenure.
  • Extended warranty – This warranty arranges for cover of repairing costs from the time all other warranties are exhausted. Such warranties are provided by third parties and should be taken after careful consideration about the age and maintenance history of the car. Some extended warranties are transferable and adds value when you sell the car.

The best value for money is derived when you buy a second hand car with warranty.





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