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Lucretius De Rerum Natura On the Nature of Things Epicurean philosophy philosophy philosophy of nature nature atomism refs




Titus Lucretius Carus (99-55 BC) was a Roman philosopher whose only surviving work is De Rerum Natura, ‘On the Nature of Things’, an epic poem about the nature of the universe based on Epicurean philosophy.  References to the poem are to be found in the writings of Cicero, Horace, and Virgil, but the poem itself was lost to medieval scholarship. However, a copy was discovered in a monastery in Germany in 1417 by Poggio Bracciolini. Thereafter it was widely read, playing an important role in the revival of atomism by Gassendi and others.


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  • ramonfarron
    ramonfarron on 2020-05-29
    Last week we collected the bibliography listings and courseworks from for Johns Hopkins University Press annotations. A couple of students reviewed Medieval Scholarship: Biographical Studies on the Formation of a Discipline. The book was compiled by editors: Helen Damico and Joseph B. Zavadil.

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