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Living In Mexico: Sugar And Spice But Not Usually Nice Part 5

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look into japanese restaurants

I do not know if a tourist would discover this or not, but when Gr...

There is a great restaurant in town where I really like to consume steak. It is inexpensive, even though they don't provide the greatest cuts of meat. Even so, the steak is tender, comes with a load of sides, and is cooked completely for my tastes. It is a well-liked place and listed in all the guidebooks. I've even referred people to it. The ambience is 20th-century jazz and extremely classy. The place is also excellent and straightforward as pie to discover. kenichi

I do not know if a tourist would notice this or not, but when Gringos come into the location, they seemed to be served final, and only immediately after the Mexicans are served. We've been in there when we've been seated and not so significantly of a smile is brought to our table till all the Mexicans get their orders taken and meals served. When, we sat there and sat there whilst the waiters seated and served Mexicans who came in twenty minutes right after we were seated.

That was the last time we ate in this location we loved.

My boycott of it did not take place till after I confirmed this with at least four other gringos. They too have been treated like this.

I've attempted asking the waiters who function there when I see them on the street about this but they have sealed lips. They won't say. They don't deny it. They just won't say. So I won't say exactly where this spot is.

Once again, the most shocking factor is not that gringos are discriminated against in any restaurant. It is not accurate of all locations, mind you. In Casa Valadez, they treat us like royalty. I preserve expecting a single of them to give us backrubs and spoon our soup into our mouths each time we come in there. But, this fine remedy is not accurate of all the locations in town.

The most shocking factor is, you guessed it, that these who inhabit Gringolandia will tell you this does not go on. They claim it cannot have happened because they've by no means seen it.

Sigh!!Kenichi Austin

419 Colorado St

Austin, TX 78701

(512) 320-8883

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