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Window Air Conditioning Unit Energy Consumption

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There is nothing at all more luxurious to a desert dweller than getting into their cool house on a sultry afternoon. Cool as in temperature cool. It is so simple to get spoiled living in a centrally cooled house with a central air unit. Every space is as cool as the next. I have known men and women who wore a sweater in their air conditioned property rather than attempting to discover a setting that is cooler than the outdoor temperature but not freezing cold. These folks have a lot of expendable cash and dont thoughts their huge power bills. I have separate air conditioners in my windows, and I even have a transportable air conditioner to deal with my cooling specifications.

On the other hand, I have to watch my energy consumption, and that consists of my air conditioning bill for the duration of the summer months. I wait until the temperature inside is also high to be produced tolerable with a fan. That is when my window air conditioning units spend for themselves. On the other hand, some men and women say that re-cooling the residence each day expends far more power than constantly leaving it at 1 temperature. In my case, my strategy operates greatest for me, according to my electric bill! heating repair los angeles

The only regions I cool are the rooms in which I live. This eliminates the bathrooms, laundry room, pantry and porch locations. In the cool of the evening, I open my windows and let the cool air enter. I close the curtains and windows in the morning just before the sun comes up. If I am out of the residence for the duration of the day, the units are shut off. When I return in the evening, the units are turned on the lowest setting it will take to make the rooms I am employing comfy. I dont cool my bedroom till an hour prior to bedtime.

If I am property in the course of the day, the windows and curtains stay shut. The units are turned on the lowest setting achievable. I confine myself to the instant living places kitchen, living space or den. The unit in my bedroom is shut off. A cool shower throughout the day assists me to acclimate to the temperature. I dont want to have to cool the property because I have worked up a sweat cleaning or exercising.

These few, simple tips maintain my energy bill down and aid me to keep comfortable in the heat of summer time.

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