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Generic Drug FAQ

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What is a generic Drug?

A Generic drug is developed after the patent of a new

drug has expired. It is the identical as the original in

practically everyway.

How are generic drugs regulated?

Generic drugs are regulated by the FDA and must be

tested and authorized by them just before production and


Is my generic drug made by the same company as the

brand name version? Possibly 50% of all generics are

made by the firm which created the original drug.

Are Generic drugs produced in the same standard facilities

as brand drugs?

Yes all facilities must meet FDA standards.

Why do the branded and generic version of a drug look


Trademark laws do not permit generic versions to appear

like other drugs on the market so coloring, size and

shape and so forth may possibly be different but they still act in the

exact same way as the distinction is in the inactive


What is bioequivalence?

If a generic drug is bioequivalent to the original it

means the generic drug operates in precisely the exact same way.

It releases the exact same amount of the identical active

ingredient in to the blood stream over the same time

period as the original.

Why are generic drugs less costly?

Due to improved competitors among pharmaceutical

companies after a patent has been lifted on a

distinct drug.

Where are generic drugs produced?

50% of all generic drugs continue to be made by

the firm, which held the original even though at a lower


price due to competitors. Some are created by establishing

nations typically in situations exactly where a drug is exempt in

that country from an current patent in the West.

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