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For Wholesale Costume Fashion Jewelry Visit Canlyn.Com

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Costume fashion jewelry is made up of cheap materials like wood, plastic and metals like copper, bronze and few other alloys. Often glass is used in place of diamonds to give it a more realistic look and to keep prices down. But some costume jewelry is a little expensive because they are made up of silver and semi precious stones.


Many jewelers produce affordable costume jewelry and supply them to dealers in wholesale. Jewelry bought in wholesale are often priced less and economically. This helps dealer to make more money by selling them to customers at his own rates. But one should keep few things in mind while buying fashion jewelry in wholesale, like:


• Keep the current trend in mind. Trends in costume fashion jewelry keep on changing from time to time, so if you won’t be able to sell them in that given period of trend, rest of the jewelry will go to waste. Unless until the trend is repeated in the near future.


• Make sure the material and polish is good. Jewelry pieces without good quality polish will lose their sheen soon after they are worn. Do get a quality check on them.


Always buy wholesale costume fashion jewelry in a moderate quantity so that if they do not become popular with people you face minimum lose. For more details on unique hair accessories, visit


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