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cracked floor repair tips

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In general, sometimes the floor is broken, especially the floors made ​​of ceramic, caused by a poor installation of the floor. As a result, the floor becomes easy bloated and broken. While other cause is the quality of the basic ingredients that are less good.

To repair the damaged tile flooring is quite simple. Clean the floor of a ceramic base that broke first. Ground floor needs to be cleaned of dust that sticks in order to process the next installation can take place properly. Furthermore, you can coat the floor by using a ceramic adhesive instant. Try to coat the floor without leaving the air that can get stuck in the floor. This air can make the floor into a bloated and broken.

Ceramic installation process can be done after the ground floor cleaner. Do not forget to soak the first tile in the water to fill the pores of the ceramic with water thereby increasing the adhesion of ceramic.

Hopefully this article useful to you. I also make a article about marble flooring advantages and disadvantages, You can also share this article with your friends through social media and logo social bookmarking below

Posted by Roni Afaris, the owner of Home Design mdi in Bandung.

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