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from web site, Married and Partnered People in Jonestown

The following is a listing of Peoples Temple couples in Jonestown and Georgetown at the time of the mass deaths on 18 November 1978. The first section consists of couples in Guyana alphabetized by the male partner. The second section lists people in relationships, only one of whom was in Guyana; it is alphabetized by the person in Guyana, then lists the Stateside spouse. Italicized entries are of those couples which came together in the Temple’s later years, including many in Jonestown. The super-scripted numbers refer to notes which follow the listings. 

The managers of this site recognize that some of these relationships were in name only, or that partners were estranged, or that – even if a couple remained married – they may have lived apart in Jonestown. We understand that the Temple records we used (which are among the sources listed at the end of the document) may have shown the face that the people of Jonestown wanted the world to see. For that reason, we ask that if you know of any errors in this listing, please contact Fielding McGehee with any corrections you may have. Thank you. 

We also recognize that there were numerous gay relationships in Jonestown. After consulting with numerous survivors, we did not feel we would serve any purpose by revealing any relationships which a currently-surviving relative might not know about. For that reason, we list only one – that of Deanna Wilkinson and Loretta Cordell – that was well known. This is a decision of respect, not of denial. 

This research document is original to this site. Please credit this website for any use of this material. 

Name Race Name Race Children 

Stephen Michael Addison w Mary Nathaniel Morton b 11
Carl Henry Barnett b Toi Fonzelle b 11
Ben Franklyn Barrett w Becky Ann Barrett w 1 
Jack Lovell Beam w Rheaviana Wilson Beam w 2 
Charles Edward Beikman w Rebecca May Beikman w 2 
Alfred Bell b Elsie Ingraham Bell b 1 
James Ernest Bogue w Edith Elizyabeth Bogue w 4 
Pierre Brian Bouquet w Claudia Jo Bouquet aka Claudia Jo Norris b 0 
Mark Anthony Boutte b Corlis Denise Conley, aka Corlis Boutee b 0 
Donald Robert Bower w Naomi Esther Johnson b 21
Wesley Karl Breidenbach w Avis Jocelyn Breidenbach b,n 0 
Lucious Bryant b Lois Agnes Ponts w 11
Michael Julian Carter w Jocelyn Brown aka Jocelyn Carter b 1 
Timothy James Carter w Gloria Carter, aka Gloria Maria Rodriguez l 1 
Walter Clayton Cartmell w Patricia Ann Cartmell w 2 
William Richard Castillo l Mary Frances Castillo b 0 
Eugene B. Chaikin w Phyllis Chaikin w 2 
Robert Louis Christian b Vernetta Carolyn Christian b 2 
Arlander Cole b Arvella Cole b 0 
Harold Ernest Cordell Jr w (find out partner) w 0 
Mark Nathan Cordell w Teresa Laverne Cordell, aka Shawnterri Hall w 1 
Robert Edwin Davis w Marthea Ann Hicks b 23
Miguel De Pina l Lovie Hattie Ann De Pina b 0 
Eddie Lee Dennis b Orde Dennis b 3 
Ellihue Dennis b Carol McCoy w 41
Darrell Audwin Devers b Acquinetta Evon Robertson b 11
James Edwards b Irene Edwards b 0 
Julius Lee Evans b Sandra Drucilla Evans b 3 
Sylvester Clarence Fair b Amanda Fair b 0 
James Donald Fields w Shirlee Ann Fields w 2 
Donald Kirk Fitch w Michelle Wagner m 2 
Thomas Ray Fitch w Betty Jean Fitch b 1 
Cleveland Desmond Garcia b Tanya Rena Cox Garcia, aka Tanya Cox b 1 
Robert Wendell Gieg w Renee Gieg b 14
“ “ “ Karen Harms w,m04
Raymond O. Godshalk, Jr. w Viola May Godshalk w 0 
Claude Goodspeed b Lue Dimple Goodspeed b 0 
Emmett Alexander Griffith, Jr. b Gloria Faye Warren, aka Gloria Griffith b 1 
Emmett Alexander Griffith, Sr. b Mary Magdaline Griffith b 3 
Ronald Windus Grimm w Sue L. Grimm m 1 
Lemuel Thomas Grubbs II w Bea Morton aka Bea Orsot m 0 
Carl Gloster Hall b Heloise Janice Hall b 0 
Eddie Hallmon, aka Eddie Crenshaw b Francine Renita Mason b 1
Aaron Arthur Hendricks b Rochelle Dawanna Halkman b 11
Bernell Hines aka Bernell Tardy b Mable Ellen Walker Hines w 0 
David Bettis Jackson b Luvenia Jackson b 0 
Donald Jackson b Thelma Jackson b 0 
Ralph Edwin Jackson b Kathryn Denise Jackson w 1 
Ronald DeVal James b Shirley Ann Edwards, aka Ann Newell b 11
Richard Mario Janaro w Clare Elaine Janaro w 2 
Eartis Jeffery b Margrette Jeffery b 0 
Joe Johnson, Jr. b Bessie Marie Jance Johnson m 2 
Earnest Jones b Jessie Weana Jones b 0 
Forrest Ray Jones w Agnes Paulette Jones w 3 
James Warren Jones w Marceline Mae Baldwin Jones w 75
Johnny Jones, aka Johnny Moss Brown b Ava Phenice Jones, aka Ava Cobb b 26
Lew Eric Jones a Terry Carter aka Terry Carter Jones w 1 
Timothy Glenn Tupper Jones w Sandra Yvette Cobb aka Sandy Jones b 17
Tommie Sheppard Keaton, Sr. b Rosa Lorenda Mae Keaton b 0 
Darrell Eugene Keller w Cheryle Darnell McCall b 11
Robert Edward Kice w Corrine Mae Jackson aka Rennie Kice b 11
Thomas David Kice, Sr. w Gloria Dawn Walker b 21
Chuck Robert Kirkendall b Carolyn Thomas m 11
Demosthenis Kutulas, aka Dan Kutulas w Edith Kutulas w 0 
Laurence John Layton w Karen Lea Layton w 0 
Jerry Dwight Livingston w Beverly Marie Geraldine Livingston w 11
Danny Marshall b Vicky Lynn Dover aka Vicky Marshall b 0 
Paul M. McCann w Maria Louise McCann w 1 
Ray Anthony McKnight b Rose Marie McKnight aka Rose Vezain w 1 
Theodore Devanulis McMurry b Eileen Kelly McCann, aka Eileen McMurry w1 
Henry Mercer b Mildred Ada Carroll aka Mildred Mercer b 0 
Lee Charles (L.C.) Mitchell b Annie Lee Mitchell b 5 
Guy Edgar Mitchell b Beverly Ann Mitchell b 41
Edward Moore b Annie Joyce Rozynko, aka Joyce Lund w 21
Oliver Morgan, Jr. b Lydia Morgan, aka Lydia Atkins b 0 
Glen Moton b Viola Mae Moton b 1 
Russell DeAndrea Moton b Pamela Gail Bradshaw aka Pamela Moton w 18
Bruce Howard Oliver b Shanda Michelle Oliver, aka Shanda James b 0 
Dale Edwin Parks w Joyce Ann Parks w 1 
Gerald Eugene Parks w Patty Lou Parks w 2 
Thomas Joseph Partak w Versie Lee Perkins, aka Versie Connesero b 11
Carroll A. Patterson, aka Pat Patterson b Diane Lundquist m 29
Robert B. Paul b Ruletta Brown b 2 
Leon Perry b Florence Heath b 1 
James Robert Pugh w Eva Hazel Pugh w 0 
Jerome Othello Rhea, Jr. b Patricia Ann Holley aka Patricia Thea b 1 
Benjamin Robinson, aka Otis Mitchell b Shirley Robinson, aka Shirley Newell b 0 
Santiago Albert Rosa l Gloria Yvonne Rosa b 2 
Christian Rozynko, aka Chris Lund w Diane Louie Rozynko, aka Diane Louie m 0 
Douglas Sanders b Dorothy Jean Sanders b 0 
Alvin Harold Simon, Sr. n Bonnie Jean Simon w 3 
Michael Angelo Simon b Melanie Wanda Simon b 2 
Jewell James Simpson b Dorothy Simpson, aka Dorothy Daniels n 0 
Donald Edward Sly aka Ujara Sly w Inez Jeannette Wagner b 310
David Elbert Vester Smith w Gladys Smith w 511
Eugene Erskin Smith b Ollie Marie Smith b 1 
Vernon Smith b Winnie Fred Smith b 0 
Willie Deloie Sneed b Clevyee Louise Sneed b 0 
Alfred Richmond Stahl w Carol Ann Stahl w 2 
Abraham Lincoln Staten b Ameal Staten b 0 
Robert Homer Stroud w Marcia Ann Simon b 1 
Cleave Lonso Swinney w Helen Beatrice Swinney w 212
Timothy Maurice Swinney w Wanda Shirley Swinney w 1 
Ernest Thomas b Rosa Lee Jackson b 11
Gabriel Thomas b Alma Coley, aka Alma Thomas b 0 
Charles E. Touchette w Joyce Touchette, aka Joyce Swinney w 3 
Michael Jon Touchette w Deborah Ruth Touchette b 0 
Alfred Walter Tschetter w Mary Alice Tschetter w 313
Bruce Edward Turner14 b Teena May Bogue aka Teena Turner w 1 
Tony Gerald Walker b Andrea Yvette Walker, aka Andrea Martin b 0 
Joseph Lafayette Wilson b Leslie Fortier Wilson, aka Leslie Wagner b 1 
Peter Andrew Wotherspoon w Mary Beth Wotherspoon w 1 
Deanna Kay Wilkinson (woman) b Loretta Cordell w 6 
Married, spouse not in JT 
George Philip Blakey w Deborah Layton Blakey w 0 
Mary Louise Clancey w Timothy Logan Clancey w 0 
Barbara Jeanne Cordell w Richard Cordell w 515
Verdella Duncan b Walter Duncan b 1 
Rhonda Denise Fortson b Hue Fortson b 1 
Judith Ijames w Norman Joseph Ijames b 1 
Marion Lee Ingram aka Lee Ingram b Sandra Bradshaw w 0 
Martha Ellen Klingman w Michael Klingman w 415
Lisa Layton w Laurence Layton, Sr. w 4 
Cassandra Yvette Minor b Ronnie Sly ? 1 
Maud Ester Perkins b Irvin Ray Perkins b 1 
Deborah Faye Schroeder aka Debby Jensen w Tommy Johnson w 1 
Cheryl Gail Gray Wilhite b Kennard Joseph Wilhite, Sr. b 2 

Race column: 
A = Asian 
B = black 
L = Latin 
M = mixed race 
N = Native American 
U = unknown 
W = white 
1) Wife brought child(ren) into marriage
3) Each partner brought one child into the relationship 
4) Robert Gieg was married twice; both wives died in Jonestown; no indication which predated 
other in marriage 
5) Jim and Marceline Jones had one natural child and adopted six others. One adopted child died 
in 1959. Three children died in Jonestown and two survived; Suzanne did not go to Jonestown. 
6) Includes Stephanie Brown aka Stefanie Morgan, who was ward of the couple 
7) Child was adopted 
8) Husband brought child into marriage 
9) Includes one child from this marriage and one brought into marriage by husband 
10) Includes one child from this marriage, one brought into marriage by wife, and one brought 
into marriage by husband 
11) One Temple record lists a sixth child 
12) Includes one child from this marriage and one brought into marriage by wife 
13) Includes one child from this marriage, one brought into marriage by wife, and one adopted 
by couple 
14) One record says Teena May Bogue was married to James Turner (who is also black) 
15) Mother was also guardian of one additional child


The House Foreign Affairs Committee report was released in May 1979. Its full title is The Assassination of Representative Leo J. Ryan and the Jonestown, Guyana Tragedy. The Randolph list is a list prepared by surviving Temple member Jim Randolph (December 12, 1978) as a means to identify bodies, establish family groups, and notify next-of-kin of the Jonestown dead. FBI document 89-4286-1302 (prepared 12/78) is an uncatalogued stack of documents which the FBI released to Fielding M. McGehee III and Rebecca Moore pursuant to a lawsuit against the Department of Justice (2002).

PT occupation record consists principally of a record created by an unknown author in Jonestown in September 1977, after the mass migration was complete. The record comes from the FBI from an earlier release under FOIA to Rebecca Moore, and is now part of the Moore Family Papers at the California Historical Society (MS 3802, Baker Research Library). 

The LJ memo is a memorandum written by Laura Johnston in summer 1977. The record comes from the FBI from an earlier release under FOIA to Rebecca Moore, and is now part of the Moore Family Papers 
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