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Lightyear Wireless: An Independent Review

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LightYear: The Firm

Lightyear Wireless can be a subsidiary of Lightyear Network Options, a publicly-traded telecommunications business (OTC: LYNS) founded in 1993 by Sherman Henderson with an 80,000 sq-ft Planet Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky and more than 180 employees servicing more than 250,000 consumers. Lightyear Wireless, which launched in 2003, provides a range of telecom options for the typical user by means of a direct promoting, or Multilevel marketing, enterprise model.

The Lightyear Company Model

Lots of individuals are apprehensive about a multi-level promoting structure of compensation due to the fact it is actually quite different from a conventional organization. Several contact it - and Lightyear Wireless itself - a scam.

The truth is the fact that it truly is just as much a real organization as any with the standard ones, which include AT&T & Verizon Wireless. The main difference is the fact that you do enterprise from home, promoting products, while getting paid from your referrals instead of clocking into a nine to five job at an office.

Its two-fold purpose is to provide a vehicle for its distributors and users to generate wealth, and to give consumers a lot more choices with regards to specific telecom services and products. Lightyear Wireless distributors sell cell phones and wireless phone service via the Sprint and Verizon networks.

Lightyear Wireless Opportunity

Distributors choose between two membership packages, Basic $49.99 or Gold $299, that each offer advertising and marketing materials along with a host of other items to help launch the organization, including a retail online wireless store, a recruiting site and access to the company's main site. Products and services include cell phones and cell phone plans; cable TV and Internet; local and long-distance home phone services; and direct TV.

Possible income stems from promoting buyers these products and services or to sell the business enterprise to potential distributors. Members receive up to 10% per month in the wireless phone bill of everyone they refer. In addition, there are a lot of promotions within the firm based on the distributor's volume of sales and sponsored representatives (new distributors). There are also other bonuses and overrides that Lightyear Wireless pays on for specific products.

The beauty of investing and joining Lightyear Wireless are the flagship products they offer and the need they directly address. Bottom line is, everyone needs a cell phone. Nearly everyone uses one every single day. We live in a planet where information travels quickly, and one from the primary vehicles for it truly is cell phone usage. As their literature says, persons can lose their homes or their cars, but they will do everything they can to preserve the ability to contact men and women.

As a distributor of Lightyear, you have the unique opportunity to help men and women connect with each other and to provide them with the option of information. The client base is wide, the demand vast with no indication of slowing down. The Lightyear Wireless system is faster and substantially far more affordable than other carriers, because instead of paying for direct advertisement for the enterprise, Lightyear Wireless instead uses its money as bonuses and incentives for its distributors. When you decide to join Lightyear, you are choosing to take control of creating your own wealth and to do it on your terms.

The Bottom Line

As far as I am concerned, based on my research, Light Year Wireless is often a legitimate enterprise and opportunity. However, just as with a regular company, it really is important to focus on building your organization in order for you to earn a consistent income. To achieve this, it truly is critical to learn marketing and advertising and how to brand yourself.

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