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Soapstones whisky stone,metal ice cube -

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Wine-used ice stone could be classified into many types based on the using of different materials

June 30, 2014-China-Wine-used ice stone is very popular during recent years. The principle of this object is very simple and it could be concluded into the application of thermal conductivity and melt of different materials. Generally speaking, today¡¯s wine ice could be divided into many different types based on different materials. For these types of ice stone or the so-called ice cube, the editor from famous ice cube online seller Global Giftware will introduce with people their advantages one by one.

The first type should be the most commonly used Ceramic whiskey stones that is made of soapstone. This sort of ice wine stone could be characterized by soft texture, mass density, smooth surface which can be cut with a knife. As we all know, the soapstone is usually used for making kitchen stove in the United States. The application of this sort of soft texture material is to not scratch the surface of the wine glass. Compared to other wine stone, this is a relatively comprehensive product which has a larger heat capacity than others.

The second type is the Chilling rock. The feature of the ceramic ice tube should be the slow process of thermal conductivity. The specific heat capacity of the ceramic cube is relatively large among these solid cube products. The disadvantage is that the ceramic solid is extremely hard. If drink their wine through a good crystal cup, the ceramic ice cube may scratch the surface of their drinking glass.

Finally, we will talk about the stainless steel ice cube which is also known as the metal ice cube. The remarkable feature of the stainless steel ice cube should be the fast heat conduction but the specific heat capacity of this sort of product is small. So, this sort of ice cube should be able to lower the temperature of the wine very fast but is much more likely to put into more stainless steel ice cube. The metal elements are always relatively active and it can help to get rid of the smell of seafood.

As for comparing to the real ice cube, the real ice cube will melt during the drinking process so the alcohol into the wine will be further diluted ( If there is a bubble in the middle of the ice cube, the speed of the ice melts will be more quickly. If people could not drink their wine fast enough, the wine will be too diluted and becomes pale and tasteless.

However, each sort of wine ice cube all has their own advantages and disadvantages. People need to select their most suitable type based on their own taste and habit.

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