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The fake fur fabric has better strong points than the traditional genuine fur fabrics

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March 27, 2014-China-The appearance of the fake fur fabric Looks like animal fur fabric. This Imitation Fur could be mainly divided into two layers which the outer layer is the thick straight bristles and the inner layer should be the soft fine fuzz. Through the incomparably advantages of the fake fur fabric, it has already applied into the making of Coats, clothing lining, hats, collars, toys, mattresses, upholstery and carpets. Today, the famous China Long Pile Fur manufacturer Ningbo Long Hua Feather Weaving Co., ltd will tell people the unique of these faked fur products when it has been compared with the genuine fur.

In comparison between the Faux fur clothing and genuine fur garments, the price of the former product lower than that of the genuine fur garment about 61 percent. The material of the fake fur fabric could be the polyester fiber-based components. However, the genuine could be divided into rabbit fur and pigskin which are the main material. In addition, the market research also found that the price of the artificial fur garments higher than the clothes without the decoration of fake fur fabric when they are at the same cost and similar style.

Furthermore, the clothes which made by the Cutting Design Fur has wider classification than the genuine fur garments. With excellent variability, the faux fur fabrics can be used for various purposes of dress such as indoors wearing and outdoor wear. It could be not only used for making the clothes which are suitable for daily life and social events but also could be made into the fashionable clothes which was chased by young. On the market, mainly artificial fur clothing styles include the short jackets, camisoles, skirts, coats, short coats, capes and others.

The other unique advantage of the fake fur fabric should be the rich colors. In addition to colors such as black, gray, white, brown, camel and other classic colors, the color for the fake fur fabric also includes the gray, coffee, camel, black, white and so on. However, this sort of fabric can also be dyed according to fashionable trend. Today, the color requirement of fashion clothing design has been gradually increased. It could not be satisfied by mere natural colors. There will be the newly popular color in each quarter( ). The artificial fur could be dyed into different color according to market needs. However, the genuine fur does not own this advantage.

In addition to above advantages, the faux fur fabric also has other strong points such as easily and relatively simple maintaining, strong and durable, easy to mold and high resistance for exposing.

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