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Dong Guan ZZ electronics & wire Co.,ltd - marketing of more than 10,000 kinds of wires and connectors

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Advantages and application areas of the silicone high temperature wire

July 2, 2014-China-The high quality silicone wire is made ??of high quality silicone rubber and high-purity tinned copper wire. It has advantages of high temperature resistance, insulation and so on. As its featured characteristics, this kind of wire could be widely used in household appliances, lighting fixtures, industrial machinery, electric products and other wiring project where has high temperature working environment. Silicone flexible wire is generally used in internal wiring of those electrical equipments such as motors and others. As the describing of technician from famous China silicone high temperature wire manufacturer Dong Guan ZZ electronics & Wire Co., ltd, the related silicone wiring products could be classified into many sorts based on different need.

In general, the rated temperature of the silicone wire is relatively high which could be basic up to 150 centigrade to 300 centigrade. The rated voltage of this product is about 600V. The outer insulation material of the silicone high temperature wire is usually the silicone rubber insulation materials which have very good insulation performance and very uniform thickness that could ensure easy stripping and cutting ( The very typically example is the UL3239 silicone wire which rated temperature 150 centigrade and the rated voltage is 3KV-50KV DC voltage. However, client could choose their suitable type based on the actually working environment and the voltage requirement.

The silicone high temperature wire could have long-term stable working in the environment where the temperature is between 180 centigrade and -60 centigrade. If the temperature beyond this range, this product will also has such damage. In a word, as the high working performance of the silicone high temperature wire, it could be widely applied in power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry and other high-temperature environment. It could also have crucial function for the wiring for household appliances, lighting, electronic equipment, electric products, heavy machinery, electrical installation, industrial machinery and other equipments which will work in the high temperature.

Nowadays, with the development of the industrial areas, the requirement for the components and wires in each machine become higher and higher. The silicone high temperature wire is the outcome in line with this developing trend.

About Dong Guan ZZ electronic & wire Co., LTD

Dong Guan ZZ electronic & wire Co., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the manufacture, distribution and trade of all sorts of high temperature and connecting wires. Our best sells product is silicone wire. They are widely applicable to home appliances, electronic items, lights, medical units, communication and office equipment. We provide products with connecting wiring harnesses and processing services.

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