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Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite

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Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite


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  • macbookpro15p
    macbookpro15p on 2023-03-25
    作文是一篇短文,作者在其中探讨了一个主题或想法 。它通常被用作说服或教导的一种方式。 要写好论文,你需要专注于主题并有明确的目的。你还需要写得清楚和简明,使用过渡和连接词等 "标志 "词。
  • daniel-depetris
    Daniel Depetris on 2022-05-14
    onal languages are ones where tone and pronunciation work together to communicate meaning.

    In other words, there’s an added layer of complexity to how each word is pronounced which affects its meaning. In some tonal languages, the tone placed upon a single syllable can completely change the meaning of the word!

    Let’s explore the basics:

    What are tones?
    What are examples of tonal languages?
    How can I learn a tonal language?
    What are tones?
    You can think of a tone as a pitch that’s applied to a certain syllable. So for example, if the syllable is pronounced in a higher pitch, the word may have a different meaning than when the syllable is pronounced in a lower pitch.

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