Install the Save to Diigo bookmarklet on iPhone /iPod Touch

Installing the Save to Diigo bookmarklet enables you to easily bookmark webpages in Mobile Safari and read them later offline.

Step 1: Bookmark this page

Tap the + (add) icon in the bottom toolbar of Mobile Safari, tap "Add Bookmark", then click "Save" in the upper right hand corner.

(Note: you can’t edit the url yet.)


Step 2: Edit the bookmark

Tab the bookmark icon in the bottom toolbar, find "Save to Diigo", then click "Edit". Remove the url that appears before the word, javascript. See below.

Tip: Press the address field and hold until you see the magnifier glass. Slide your finger to the left. Stop when the cursor is placed right after ? and delete all characters before javascript:


The address should start with javascript... as shown below.



That's it! You've enabled the Save to Diigo bookmarklet.

Note: To verify, tap the book icon and then tap the "Save to Diigo" bookmark. You should be able to see a confirmation box telling you the bookmarklet has been correctly installed.

How to use the bookmarklet

To bookmark any page, just tap the bookmark icon in the bottom and then tap "Save to Diigo".

You'll see a dialog saying "Saved" which will close itself automatically after a short while. To edit the bookmark, tab "Edit" before it closes.