What’s new for Diigo Chrome extension 3.2
Changelog V3.2( 09/05/2014 )

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1. Premium feature!The new "Focused Research" allows you to save time and energy when you are researching a certain topic. If you check "research mode" in the Diigo extension pop-over, you can set information relevant to your topic beforehand.Then, each bookmark will be saved with this information automatically added.

2. Annotation List -- View your highlights and sticky notes in the popup."

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Changelog V3.1( 07/01/2013 )

1. Premium feature! Show Diigo search results on Google search page! Go premium now!

2. Premium feature! Show highlights and sticky notes automatically.

3. Our most highly-requested feature, the ability to search your Diigo bookmarks directly from the Diigo extension, is now available!

4. Orphan highlights. Even when a page you have highlighted has changed, you can still see your highlights.

Changelog V3.0( 23/10/2013 )

1. Sticky note interface is completely revamped. We think you will love the new design!

2. Private sticky note now features in-place editing.

3. Multi-color sticky notes are enabled.

4. Command menu when hovering over a highlight is improved, so you can now share and link to a specific highlight to Twitter and Facebook.

New! A Major Redesign of the Website: Aside from improving this extension, our team has also been busy with improving the website, and a complete redesign was just released. Check out our blog post as well as some press coverage, and please share your love for Diigo by tweeting and liking these posts! As you can imagine, our engineers work harder if they feel their product is being appreciated!

Extension Changelog V2.2.6( 08/20/2013 )

1. Create a new list in the “Save to Diigo” window directly

2. Support Retina display for screenshot

3. Fix some bugs

Changelog V2.2( 07/11/2013 )

As you can see, this is a significant update that our team has worked really hard to deliver. We hope you like the changes, and would love some 5-star ratings from you! If you have specific ideas or feedback, please join us at our user forum.

The changes include the following:

1. New! Markers on the right-side of the browser window to indicate annotations

2. Improved look-and-feel

3. The default setting is now on for “Automatically close a page when saved by clicking “Read Later” ”, since we believe most users will find this to be a time-saver

Changelog V2.1.5( 04/09/2013 )

Add drop down tag cloud for your top tags.

Now, you can reuse existing tags without creating new ones everytime!

Changelog V2.1.3( 03/19/2013 )

To help you with better tagging, tag suggestions have been improved as follows:

  1. The auto-complete tags shown when you are inputting tags will be ordered by your usage frequency.
  2. The auto-complete tags are now based on string matching, so for example, if you input “book”, both “bookmarking” and “ebook” (if they are in your tag cloud) will be shown as suggestions.
  3. When you try to tag a page that you reached as a result of a Google search, recommended tags will include the search words you used.

As we strive to provide the best possible experience for your bookmarking and annotation needs, we understand details like these matter! We view our users very much as collaborators on this journey and welcome your feedback. Of course, we also appreciate some stars in the Chrome Web Store if you think we deserve it.

Changelog V2.1( 03/06/2013 )

1. Easier multi-color highlighting

The colors you used are also shown in your library on diigo.com

2. Access cached versions of web pages you bookmarked

Please do let us know through Chrome Store or Twitter or direct email your experience with the new extension, and how you would like to see it further improved. Making Diigo better and better is our mission!

Changelog V2.0( 01/23/2013 )
This is a significant update that incorporates several frequently requested features
  • Capture and mark up screenshots
  • Easily add pages to read later
  • Save images from webpages as part of a bookmark or as a separate item
  • Support several keyboard shortcuts

Please note that the extension can be customized through Options

(right-click the Diigo extension icon to access)

For users who are more comfortable with the old Diigo extension and want to do without the advanced features introduced in this new extension, you should find Diigolet to be an excellent alternative.