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Update, Oct 28, 2012


So nice to come back from our parallel universe, to Defocon1 officially turned back down to Defocon4!

Jon Orlin, a Diigo fan at TechCrunch, contacted us in the midst of the crisis. When the dust finally settled, we agreed to share our story in the hope that other companies will learn some valuable lessons from this unbelievable ordeal, and not have a similar crisis. So, instead of us re-telling what we went through again, you can read the details here:

TechCrunch: Social Annotation Site Recovering After Domain Hijacking Nightmare >>

During this trying time, we have heard and received lots of user support and kind offers to help through twitter, emails, IM, phone calls... Many Diigo/Twitter users also were actively engaged to inform other Diigo users in twitterverse. Here are just a few shutouts:

  • @diigo I missed you so much! Thank you for being such an integral part of my teaching, learning and research life. Welcome back. #gratitude
  • Way to hustle, @diigo - grabbing back their stolen (!!) domain name in just 2 days. Provided updates along the way
  • #Diigo is back! @Diigo staff should be recognized for extraordinary efforts to minimize user impact & keep communication flowing! Thx!
  • @diigo Great to hear you are back up and running again. Well done for your effort with .net too!
  • Congrats @diigo on thwarting your malefactors and welcome back to the web! We missed you!
  • @diigo Thanks you brought back the smile on my face. Thanks for the update and getting back. Wishing all the best!!!
  • Glad to have @diigo back! Realized how much I rely on it. #productivity
  • Thank you @diigo for your service! Didn't realize how much I depend on it!
  • Sigh, @diigo. So happy to have my bookmarks and library back. 48 hours is too long. Thanks for working hard to be back! #diigo
  • @diigo -Diigo became one of my most useful tool

And many more...

One cute shutout by ‏@rivenhomewood stood out while we were still in the Defcon-1, “” mode:

  • Very relieved to find @Diigo is now located at . Hope the slimball who hijacked their domain wakes up covered in ants.

Yes, indeed! And hopefully a lot more than just covered in ants!!!!

Anyway, it’s great to be back. We’d like to express our sincere thanks for all of our users' kind support during this trying time as many have expressed voiced just how indispensable Diigo is to their online productivity! It means a lot to us to know that we do here do makes a difference!

Our team is working on a whole array of new developments under the hook, so stay tuned as Diigo continues to evolve to serve our users better!


The Diigo Team


Update, 48 hrs later


Welcome back to !!!

After an unbelieveable 48 hours roller coaster ordeal, is back! While all our servers and user data were completely unaffected during this time, our domain name registered through yahoo domain service (completely separated access from Diigo servers / user data) was “hijacked” for the past 2 days (no, our domain didn’t expire, but was literally stolen and illegally “transferred out”. According to Yahoo’s log, the thief even called into Yahoo and pretended to be the owner to inquire the transfer, if you can believe that!)

During this time, our highest priority was our users - their ability to continue to access their data without going through too much inconvenience, and their peace of mind. Like many Diigo users, and as avid Diigo users ourselves, we are also keenly aware how much we are all so accustomed to that “diigo”, that “highlight”, that “sticky note” buttons, just as internet is such an integral part of all our life! So, we’ve done everything possible from immediately setting up & a simple customized diigolet as temporary workaround to help minimize the service interruption, keep users abreast with tips and latest updates through the power of twitter and mobilize our users to help our other users as well, to a lot of behind the scene hard work to bring back ASAP. Your support and voice have been instrumental in keeping pressure on the parties involved. A sincere thank-you!

Since it takes some time to propagate all DNS values for diigo's domain and sub-domains world wide, you may need to wait a few hours to get fully accessible. Or you can flush your local DNS cache to access diigo sooner.

Simply looking-around the web shows that domain theft / hijacking has been causing a lot of disruptions and economic damage. During this ordeal, we have learned some valuable lessons to share with you all. Stay tuned after we get some much needed rest first!


Oct 24th, 2012


Dear Diigo users,

We’re terribly sorry to inform you that we’re experiencing domain hijacking, ie. someone gained access to our Yahoo domain registrar account, and illegally hijacked the domain, Very soon may not be accessible to you until this issue is resolved.

But please rest assured that all our servers and user data are NOT compromised, and your data can be alternatively accessed at

Your current Diigo extensions and bookmarklets will not work on

For now, to bookmark to, please install this special bookmarklet for >>

Again, we’re terribly sorry about any inconvenience this may have brought you. We’re working hard to resolve this. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

For the latest status update, please see our tweets at

Meanwhile, if you're an avid Diigo/ twitter user, plesae help RT and speed up the recovery. Thanks!

@Yahoo @YSmallBusiness, pls help prevent the stealing of , as done here …! pls RT!


The Diigo Team